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  • Suzanne from Magnolia - Irritating cliffhangers. First better than second

    Neither has an ending, which forces you to continue to buy books. Chicken s*** in my mind. But I got three for a buck.

  • Brittany - I was SO excited to receive this in the mail ...

    I was SO excited to receive this in the mail yesterday. I tried it earlier with a new toothbrush (soft, have used this exact type before), and now my gums are cut in some places. I have sensitive teeth so am hoping for some odd reason it was the toothbrush. Will update this post after trying it again to say if in fact it is the product that is abrasive.

  • CA_midwest - It's working for me

    At the end of May, I went to the doctor because I felt horrible - not sick, but falling apart. My blood pressure was 168/100, weight highest ever, fasting blood sugar in the low diabetic range. I needed to get my act together and lose weight... but how? I'd never been overweight until I hit my 40's, and I really was at a complete loss, having tried everything, losing weight and gaining it back, over and over and over again.

  • Therese - A Perfect Gift

    I have loved these calendars for a long time. I keep 2014 and 2015 posted above 2016 so that I can appreciate the beautiful pattern that moon cycles create. I love to give them. Everyone loves to get them.

  • JulieF - Exactly What Every Cyclist Needs

    I am an avid cyclist with crabby, sensitive skin. FungaSoap takes care of the heavy duty sunscreen and road grime without ripping my hide off. It has a very strong tea tree smell, but I do not mind it at all. In a pinch, I also used it to shave my legs and it worked like a charm. Great multi-use product!

  • Thomas S. - Excellent set of floor mats

    Excellent set of floor mats. Will not buy anything else other than these. Worth their weight in gold protecting the floor.