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  • Morgan Hooper - HARTZ IS DANGEROUS

    Our vet has been pursuing trying to get HARTZ products removed from the market for years. He has had a large number of dogs die from reactions to their collars. Please do not buy.

  • CREDIT MACHINE - Lost of Gliches. Terrible customer service. Dis honest company

    First let me start by saying I like QuickBooks. I've used it over 15 years. But there customer service keeps getting worse and worse. I was on the phone for over 10 hours one day. 2 hours another, one hour another and problem is still not fixed. They upgraded my QuickBooks 2012 to new 2014 plus because they said it would solve my issue. We still haven't had issue solved yet. We were told on two separate occasions they would call back and they never did. Our QuickBooks crashes when we email invoice and mail invoice through their mailing service. Now they're telling me 2014 does not work with their mailing service (which was the whole reason they told us to upgrade in the first place). Whatever you do keep your old QuickBooks if you like it don't upgrade until they fix all the glitches. Check out other forums on the net.

  • Therese Campbell - Ms. New Booty!

    Who needs a bigger booty? I do! I do! I never knew that pills existed to help you get a bigger booty! I've been taking these for quite a while now and I have definitely been noticing a difference. Along with taking these pills, I have been doing squats everyday. So with the combination of the two, you will definitely see results. The results are not big at first and are hard to see, but slowly you will notice them! The capsules are not too big, so they are pretty easy to take. They also taste pretty good compared to literally any other capsule I've ever taken. They usually taste so bad that I almost throw up from taking them, but not these! I really look forward to continuing to take these pills and continue to see my new booty results!

  • R. Latham - Code no good to activate.

    Install code did not work to activate. I used trial code that lasted a month, then it asks for yearly code. It dont work so now what? I emailed the seller, nothing.

  • Lily - Great for small kitchen floor

    I bought the starter kit on Amazon (and wet mop refills at Costco) a few months ago. I live in a mostly carpeted apartment with a small kitchen that has tile floors. I think this swiffer is perfect for what I need. One wet mop will clean my floor well and leave a nice clean scent (which disappears in a day). I mop once a week and it's always astounding how much stuff is on my floor.