Chi Machine Far Infrared Therapy with SOQI Energy Wellness Products - Chi Machine Far Infrared Therapy and SOQI Bed. SOQI Natural Health Products for Holistic Health Management. Information and Benefits by Energy Wellness Products.

  • Sun Ancon Chi Machine by Dr. Inoue | Energy Wellness Products - Sun Ancon Chi Machine, the original, invented by Dr. Inoue. Increases your oxygen, energy and circulation, relieves muscle aches and pains, detoxification.
  • Electro Reflex Energizer a Reflexology Foot Massage Machine - Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer. A reflexology foot massage machine providing electrical stimulation with six electro pads, offering a full body experience.
  • E-Power Machine Negative Ion Machine with High Frequency Energy - The E-Power Machine is a negative ion machine is designed to provide negative ion therapy with high frequency energy, a technological breakthrough in electronic health care.
  • Far Infrared HotHouse Dome Portable Infrared Sauna Far Infrared Therapy - Far Infrared HotHouse Dome an effective portable infrared sauna provides far infrared therapy. Benefits include cancer, detox, weight loss, chronic pain relief.
  • Far Infrared Heating Pad, FIR Pad, Thermal Therapy, Pain Relief - Far Infrared Heating Pad uses thermal heat therapy to gently warm you from the inside out and benefits sore muscles, sports injuries, pain, and back pain.
  • Lumbar Support Cushion, Far Infrared, Vibrating Massage, for Car or Office Chair - Far Infrared Lumbar Support Cushion with Vibrating Massage and Far Infrared Heat Therapy. Works great for lower back support for your car or office chair.
  • SOQI Bed Benefits Similar to Infrared Saunas or Infrared Sauna Therapy - SOQI Bed is a total holistic health management spa. It provides similar benefits as infrared saunas therapy as well as massage. Relax and lift your spirit with SOQI.
  • Aqua Chi Foot Bath, an Ionic Detox Foot Bath to Cleanse and Energize You. - Aqua Chi Foot Bath, a Detox Foot Bath. Helps your body cleanse and improves energy. Good health is the ability to absorb energy and this Ionic Foot Bath helps.
  • More Natural Health Products or Health and Wellness Products - More Natural Health Products including Aromatherapy and Essential Oils, Immune System Supplements, Water and Air Purification, Quit Smoking and Losing Weight!
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  • Watch the Chi DVD Includes the HotHouse and Electro Reflex Energizer - Watch the Chi DVD, Energy Therapy for the 21st Century, on the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine, HotHouse Far Infrared Dome, and Electro Reflex Energizer.
  • Maras Story on how she Manages her RSD Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy - Read Maras story on how she manages her pain and other symptoms from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy RSD / CRPS with the Chi Machine and HotHouse.
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  • Reflexology - Explanation and Benefits - Reflexology is the art or science that believes there are reflex areas in our feet and hands that correspond to every part of our bodies, including our organs and glands.

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  • FictionalizedTruth - Not perfect...but better than normal biotene mouthwash

    This mouthwash does one thing fairly well, it helps remove the tartar buildup that occurs from chronic dry mouth on teeth, and the white buildup I get on my tongue. I think in the long run it might help prevent dental problems associated with dry mouth.

  • Ingrid G. - Just received it, so this review is work in progress

    I juat received my slendertone last night and tried it last night. Agree with other posters that the hieroglyphics are impossible and I can't even figure out how to switch to the other programs outside of 1. So keep starting it and it's program 1 for twenty minutes each time, lol.

  • Scott Clevenger - Outstanding Program

    I was a Microsoft Money user and was sad when they discontinued the program. I read up on Quicken and thought I'd give it a try. It installed very easily and converted my Money files automatically, my bank was not on their list but they have a work around for that and now online banking is gravy. I was very disappointed that the payroll option had been discontinued seeing as how that was one of the main reasons I went with this Home and Business program, (they really should print that on the box and other places so you don't find out when you click on the payroll tab only to be taken to a web page that says sorry this option has been discontinued). but after looking at the other products out there it's obvious they just want you to pay out the rear for that service by buying addon products. So I gave it 4 stars it does everything else well.

  • Whovous - Fifty percent faster?

    I bought this to replace the Arris 760 that Comcast provided for $7/mo. I ran Speedtest twice on the Arris, with d/l speeds of 13.05 and 18.62 Mbps. When I hooked up the SB6141 it gave me the self-install page, but I could not find my account number and wound up calling 877-761-5015 ext 2 anyway. They answered immediately and had me going in about 15 minutes, mostly spent waiting for Comcast and the modem to get in sync with each other.

  • Brandy W. Baker - VERY Tasty and Mixes Well

    I would like to lose weight and am going to try protein shakes with exercise and a high protein, low refined carb diet. I like shakes and found the shakes or powder you can get at the market to be overly sweet and not very filling. The ViSalus flavor is "Sweet Cream"- not really vanilla, but more like a basic ice cream base. It serves as a great "vehicle" for fruit or cocoa to be added. It is not chalky or grainy. I BLEND with 8 oz. of skim milk, a cup of fruit, a cup of ice, 1 tsp of flaxseed oil and 1 tsp of Benefiber. I will add cocoa and or/natural, NSA peanut butter depending on flavor and caloric goal. It is very good and very filling. (I tried with a mixer bottle, and found I am not as satiated without the fruit and blended ice. Still, it does mix well.) I am not reviewing based on efficacy of ViSalus as a weight loss product, because I find that the results are often based on the person and not on the product. This is a delicious product and very versatile. I prefer buying it on Amazon. I am not going to sign up on the Body by Vi website because it is a multi-level marketing enterprise and I have no use for being emailed about "opportunities" or reduced pricing for autoship. I am also fluent enough in protein shakes that I don't need their site for access to recipes (many of which can be Googled or found on Pinterest). Still, if you are into that, then it might be worth it.

  • Holt - Non-evasive Anti-Virus

    We have used Kaspersky now for a couple of years. I had some trouble this year upgrading one of our laptops. Eventually had to call in to tech support to resolve, which was somewhat of a trying experience. However, the fact that Kaspersky is less invasive than other anti-virus software means that I will continue to buy.