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  • Vanessa Lopez - What a piece of #@&% This thing is horrible!.

    OMG!..What a piece of #@&% This thing is horrible!...Free channels?...I don't think so! you can only use it on the computer not your TV and it it not free...this is even worst than Netflix...well at least everything is totally free on netflix but this JUNK. please don't buy it...well if you like to collect garbage, then go ahead and buy it.

  • Jillian J - Terrible Product And Even Worse Customer Service.

    The mop stopped working after 3 months. It was just spreading cold water all over the floor so I'm assuming the heating element failed. (Yes we descaled regularly like the manual says). Called customer service to replace and they were very rude when we told them the problem and after their "troubleshooting" they stated we have pay to ship the product back to them (30$ at the post office). Don't bother buying this steam mop. HAAN is a terrible company and doesn't stand behind their product!!!

  • Raymond A Jaynes - Head set came in super fast, charged them as the instructions stated and ...

    Head set came in super fast, charged them as the instructions stated and started listening to music and making calls! They were what i expected from reading all of the reviews. I am very pleased with this product so far and would recommend them to anyone.