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  • Christian - Good overview

    It has a little bit of everything from U.C.C. to samples from the Restatements and the C.I.S.G. Not very big and is handy

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    I have no review...I just want to say that some of these reviews have me laughing so hard I nearly peed my colorless panties!!!! OMG What has the world come to?! LOL @ Charlene and Tina

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    If you're claiming tuition as a deduction (Education Credits), there is a bug that automatically checks Box 26 as YES - "Was the student convicted, before the end of 2012, of a felony for possession or distribution of a controlled substance?" H&R Block At Home Deluxe never asks that question when entering your info. So open up Form 8866 and make sure that box isn't checked before you e-File. Information like that tends to get stuck in databases and follow you around.

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    The story held my interest from start to finish. The characters come alive through their struggles,hardships and endurance. The turns and twists of the story caught me by surprise more than once.

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