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    I am on my 2nd bottle of the 1500 mg of turmeric. I have torn labium's in both hip joints, a running injury. I have had this since 2012. I am 49 yr old female. I had cortisone shots that didn't work and was taking an arthritis med that over a long term will not be good for my liver. I take 3 capsules of Schwartz turmeric 3x a day and feel the benefits. I would and have recommended this product to my friends. If you decide to try this product, you have to give it some time to build in your system. You will feel benefits right away but over time, you will find yourself missing a dose because you do not have much discomfort. If you read up on the benefits of Turmeric, you will see many more than anti-inflammatory - mood, skin Please read un on this amazing spice!

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    I love this deep conditioner. I use it every-other week for 10 minutes after shampooing my hair. It smells wonderful and helps my coarse, high-lighted hair to feel softer and healthier.