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  • Brianne J. Nelson - Overall, meh.

    As a text, not my favorite. I find it somewhat wordy and hard to follow. Then again, it is so detailed that it doesn't miss much and includes every step. But I'm glad I rented it (it's hugely expensive in my opinion to purchase!) and will look for another reference down the road to buy that's more approachable.

  • Sam's Noni - Works for me!

    I'm a middle-aged female, classic yo-yo-dieter, and I don't lose weight easily. I started Almased a week ago after seeing an ad in Southern Living magazine headlined "Bikini Emergency Diet." Since I have an upcoming beach trip the idea of losing up to 10 lbs in three weeks caught my attention. I researched both the product and the diet and Almased looked like a healthier alternative to most meal replacement plans so I bought some. After just ONE WEEK (on the "Bikini Emergency Diet") I've already lost the entire 10 lbs I'd assumed would take at least THREE weeks! Almased's website recommends you only do the "Bikini" plan for one week, and they (correctly) call it a "fasting diet." For the entire week you replace every meal (3 a day) with 8 Tbsp. Almased powder blended with 8-10 oz. filtered or mineral water. Between "meals" drink water (8-10 glasses a day) or homemade, strained vegetable broth (2-3 cups a day). That's it. Nothing else. I exercised only lightly and still lost TEN lbs! I have another 30 to lose before reaching my goal weight and a size 6 (which I haven't seen in about 25 years) so we'll see how the long-term Synergy plan works, i.e. replacing two meals a day with the shakes and eating one sensible meal. First though, I think I'll stick to the Bikini Diet for the next two weeks and see if I might can drop another 5 lbs before we hit the beach!

  • Louis C. Boehlein - Great protection

    Do not like the new configuration nor the desktop widget. It is difficult to figure out. By no means easy for any new user.

  • april h. - Pretty in Pink

    I gave this Tweexy product to my best friend as a birthday gift. She polishes her nails at least one or two times per week due to chipping. She loves it! It's so girly, and the neon pink is a great color. It should be available in ALL COLORS!! : )

  • CalMooMama - Amazed

    This stuff is amazing! Once I recieved this product I was a little taken back by the circa 1998 pictres and testimonials and seriously thought I had wasted my money. I opened it up, took two cap fulls, put some on a cotton ball, wiped it on my face then went to sleep. I gotta tell ya, the thought of putting what smells like fruit juice on my face before I went to bed was a little unsettling. I did it anyway and I swear I woke up with a glow. My skin was noticably more even and toned, after just one time using it. I feel that it's important to mention that I am caucasian, 27 years old, I have combination skin and hair that has really been breaking a lot lately. This is my first use with liquid vitamins and I am hooked!