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  • Hallie Barr - Buy something else...don't waste your money.

    I absolutely do not recommend this product to anyone studying for the TEAS. The number of errors/typos in the answers and the practice questions is astounding. Yes, I'm sure the basic concepts would be helpful for refreshing your memory (as it has been 15 years since I've been in high school and have a career for the last ten years that required very little math), however when the practice questions for the sections you've just spent time learning are incorrect, how do you know you've got the concept? The editing on this product was terrible. On top of that, I attempted to contact Trivium via their website about 30 times because I wanted to make sure I wasn't reading things incorrectly, but their "contact page" is mysteriously not working. So I put a note/question/complaint up on their Facebook page and within 12 hours, they had taken it down without a comment on how poor this product is. Terrible product and even worse customer service.

  • Johnny Juliano. - solid solid solid.

    Pretty much best mouse i have ever used. Tracking is amazing, and very smooth. Mouse buttons 4 & 5 are just amazingly placed and very responsive and have a solid feeling. So far have not had my scroll wheel decide to scroll on it's own yet like pretty much every other mouse I have used so far in this life haha. I have fairly large hands measuring at 8 3/4 " from tip of middle finger to base of palm and the mouse feels really well in my hand (palm grip style). I really enjoy the shape of the mouse as well. The dpi button is useful ( not that i use it often but still nice to have ).

  • Big MIke - pretty good fit, but not exact

    I recently purchased these for my F-150. Overall I am very happy, however the fit is not exact, so it gets 4 stars. The black shows alot of dirt, but the color was my choice. Quality material, and I like how they cover the door panels on the floor. When I am hunting, or camping, it comes in handy, and easy to clean.

  • Amazon Customer - Love, love, love it

    I was having some problems with lethargy and hair loss, so I decided to take B-12 supplements (blood work revealed just over the low limit of the range, ~212 pg). Reviews on Amazon/research told me that liquid/lozenge form was the way to go - that absorption is limited via pill. I first tried a highly rated methylcobalamin liquid formula that worked pretty well, but I was still tired and had a little bit of hair loss. I switched to this product and it works really, really well! Hair loss has stopped and while I'm not bouncing off the walls, I don't yawn all day long/come home and crawl into bed. I need to have blood work done again to see what my new levels are (they may still be low and I may have an overall absorption issue), but I have definitely noticed a difference!

  • vettes4us - K/N The NAME sez it all

    Can't really beat the quality of these filters,handy hex nut with heavy duty construction makes it a snap to install & remove.

  • HappilyTay - Great buy! Can't wait for 2017.

    This was a Christmas gift for my daughter but ALL of us play it. Lol we have a family challenge going on right now.