Nurse Practitioners in Kent, Washington | FamilyCare of Kent - Family friendly with over 70 years of combined healthcare experience, the Nurse Practitioners at FamilyCare of Kent treat people like people and not like symptoms.

  • ReviewUs | FamilyCare of Kent - We want to hear from you. Please tell us about your experience with our office.
  • Request an Appointment | FamilyCare of Kent - Contact our office at (253) 859-CARE (2273). After you submit your request, our appointment scheduler will respond within 48 hours.
  • About Us | FamilyCare of Kent - In 1984, Bob Smithing and his future wife were new graduates and unemployed in Canton, NJ. They decided to start a nurse practitioner (NP) practice to prove that if given the option, patients would choose NPs over traditional physicians (MDs).
  • What is a Nurse Practitioner? | FamilyCare of Kent - The nurse practitioners at FamilyCare of Kent, Washington deliver the highest quality of care. They are board-certified family nurse practitioners with several decades of combined experience and thousands of happy patients.
  • Meet Our Nurse Practitioners | FamilyCare of Kent - The nurse practitioner team at FamilyCare of Kent delivers the highest quality of care. We are all board-certified family nurse practitioners with decades of combined experience and thousands of happy patients.
  • Meet Our Staff | FamilyCare of Kent - The support staff at FamilyCare of Kent is dedicated to ensuring your appointment goes smoothly and addressing any questions or concerns you may have about your care.
  • Virtual Tour | FamilyCare of Kent - We've given each of our exam rooms a theme to make them nicer and we've used color throughout the office to make it a friendly place to visit.
  • Family-Centered Primary Care Kent, Washington | FamilyCare of Kent - Aside from being a nurse practitioner-only practice in Kent, WA, the thing that makes us unique is our family-centered approach to health care.
  • Wellness Exams and Physicals Kent, Washington | FamilyCare of Kent - Wellness exams and physicals should be performed when you are healthy. We love taking care of you when you are ill, but we’d much prefer to see you in good health.
  • Dermatology Care Kent, Washington | FamilyCare of Kent - Primary care providers, such as family nurse practitioners, can address minor skin problems before you see a dermatologist.
  • Asthma Care Kent, Washington | FamilyCare of Kent - Most people think of asthma as being one condition that causes difficulty breathing. Actually, there are several types of asthma, each with its own triggers, symptoms, and treatments.
  • Vaccines and Immunizations Kent, Washington | FamilyCare of Kent - Children’s immune systems are not fully developed until they are about 2 years old, which is why it is so important to get your child vaccinated at the right time.
  • Women's Health Kent, Washington | FamilyCare of Kent - To truly meet the needs of women, we find that a highly personalized approach works best. Women appreciate a medical provider that will listen, be considerate, and take time to investigate the root cause of health concerns.
  • Gynecology Kent, Washington | FamilyCare of Kent - Gynecology focuses on the health of the female reproductive system. As family nurse practitioners, we can provide contraceptive counseling and treat common gynecology problems.
  • Teen Health Kent, Washington | FamilyCare of Kent - A proactive approach to health problems is the best way to avoid seeing the doctor. Your body needs regular tune-ups and maintenance just like a car.
  • Children’s Health Kent, Washington | FamilyCare of Kent - Children are our most precious resources. We focus on preventive care for kids by promoting total well-being – physical and emotional.
  • Sexual Healthcare Kent, Washington | FamilyCare of Kent - n Kent, Washington, FamilyCare of Kent provides routine wellness exams for men and women. We also provide pregnancy tests on site and offer all types of birth control, including IUDs for long-term birth control.
  • Confidential STD Testing & Treatment Kent, Washington | FamilyCare of Kent - STDs affect over 12 million people in the United States each year. We believe this risk can be reduced if STD testing was done by all partners before sexual activity.
  • Preventing HIV Infection Kent, Washington | FamilyCare of Kent - PrEP stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis. It is a way to prevent an infection BEFORE coming into contact with a virus. PrEP is used to prevent HIV, and an FDA-approved pill is available.
  • Birth Control Kent, Washington | FamilyCare of Kent - Birth control is used to prevent periods and/or pregnancy during child-bearing years, which includes women in their teens, 20s, 30s, and sometimes 40s.
  • IUDs Kent, Washington | FamilyCare of Kent - Want safe and effective birth control you don't have to think about taking every day, every week, or even every year? That's an IUD.
  • Travel Medicine in Kent, Washington | FamilyCare of Kent - Traveling abroad should be a good way. FamilyCare of Kent, Washington extends its expertise in preventive health to travelers, offering customized health-related services to travelers of all ages and for travel anywhere.
  • On-Site Services | FamilyCare of Kent - When you need lab tests or blood work done at FamilyCare of Kent, we try to do as much as we can while you are in the office.
  • Patient Resources | FamilyCare of Kent - We invite you to explore our comprehensive list of resources and educational materials designed to help educate you about your condition or treatment.
  • Office Policies | FamilyCare of Kent - FamilyCare of Kent, Washington is a family medical practice operated by family nurse practitioners.

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