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  • Wild Turkey - Webroot vs. Trend Micro Titanium

    Bought Webroot through Amazon, where it is much cheaper than direct from the provider. In use for a week now. It says it stopped 3 threats already. PC seems to run faster than when Trend Micro was installed.

  • Mr and Mrs R - Never fails!

    I am a firm believe in Garcinia Cambogia. I've useen it for a while now and not only has my energy been renewed, but what I call "brain fog" is gone as well. I've never been a big eater, so that control part was never a issue with me. It does however, help with those monthly cravings all us women get at one time or another.

  • incognito - Made me sick

    I rec'd a sample pack of this item & tried it today (1 pill) - didn't like it. Normally do fasted cardio first thing in the morn but today didn't get a chance to exercise until mid afternoon. I ate a zone bar because I was still fasted & starving, waited 30 min, then popped one of these pills. I figured I'd feel it soon enough but after an 1.25 hrs, nothing. I got exercising anyway but the workout I intended to do seemed too hard @ 4 mins in and I felt a bit dizzy so I took it down a notch & carried on. I did 45 mins, varying intensity/speed on my treadclimber (which I use 6 days a week) and I did not feel the slightest bit of help from these pills. I haven't taken a preworkout or a stim in a few years so I expected this stuff to hit me hard even if it was weak but nothing still @ T + 2 hrs. As I got in the shower (immediately after working out) I noticed my stomach was burning a little. Got worse while I was showering & there was A LOT of burning & I felt sick to the point that I bolted out the shower suds & because I thought I was going to hurl. My stomach is still burning now @ T + 3 hrs :( I also still feel slightly dizzy as I did at the beginning of my workout.

  • Crystaldeals - great music for all ages...lacks in movements

    Love the vast variety of songs and fun animations. Unfortunately, it does not provide a "learn the steps" section so the routines are fairly difficult to master or even get by on. Very disappointing if u wanted to learn moves. Highly recommended if u like music with cool videos.

  • JoAnn S. Wilkes - Learning tool

    This is a great learning tool for advanced beginners and intermediate Office users. Our clients are getting ready for the work place and need these skills.