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  • Lane - Good looking case

    Good looking case. Reminds me of the storm troopers on star wars. This was purchased for my husbands phone. He's pretty rough on phones. Works outdoors and drops them quite frequently. This case has held up nicely. No broken screens or anything. Phone and case are both looking good after a couple of months of use. Would recommend.

  • Caveat_emptor - The Reason Its So Expensive

    If you want to know why this cable is so expensive, just watch the movie Congo. They go through the plot of that movie every single time they make a cable. HDMI blood diamonds, gorilla blood, it also got Bruce Campbell killed by a gorilla, AND shot down a satellite.

  • Jayson H - Good luck.

    Instructions to install this on my 2015 900 are absolutely awful. It is literally a piece of paper with 12 pictures. Good luck.

  • J.Cooper - works great so far

    I bought this because we had a 9 hour power outage reciently and couldn't get into our house (we always go through the garage and with no power the door wouldn't open). So I am using it for my security system and garage door opener. I had to take down the circuit it is plugged into to do some electrical work on some outlets two weeks ago and the Cyber power unit worked as advertised and kept my security system up while I did the needed work. The real test will be the next time the power goes out while we are not home.

  • Tim Ashby - Good camera for the money!

    This is a good camera for the money, it came with allot of accessories, the quality of the pictures and video are good for the money. The battery holds a good charge, I'm happy with it overall, so far so good.