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  • amberway - fun, great beginner brewing set

    I bought this for my husband for fathers day one yesr. He was so THRILLED. It was the start of a major hobby/obsession for both of us. The mixes included were ok, a cervasa and a pilsner. Neither one was super, but they were both drinkable. Pilsner was the best of the 2. Out of curiousity, we tried doing one bottle using the faster directions included, and for the rest we used the 2-2-2 rule recommended by most other reviewers. DEFINITELY use the 2-2-2 rule. The bottle brewed according to the faster directions was undrinkable. Tried a few other mr beer mixes and again, good but not stunning. When we started experimenting with adding fruit or citrus zest, and getting creative though, we got some amazing results. Eventually we perfected some of our own recipes too, which was tricky at first due to the small size but still do-able. We ended up getting a bigger, better kit eventually, but still use our mr beer for test batches and ciders etc. Mr Beer was a convenient starter option, and was overall a great little product for the price TIP-another review recommended lightly sanding the edges around the tap opening before assembly. We didn't do this and had a bit of leakage at first. Were able to take it apart and sanded it smooth and it worked like a charm.

  • montana_gal - Good product

    Have used these facial firming pads for a few years now and love how they make my face feel at the end of the day.

  • Richard Kaup - Supple drink review

    This drink has helped my body immensely, my only wish is that it were more affordable. Would definitely buy more if that were the case.

  • Ciaran Flynn - Not good value for money for big Floyd fans

    I love floyd but i think this is a big rip off for the price. The first two discs are basically last years remasters, the next 2 are a re-release of the live "Is there anybody out there" from 2000, quality is more or less the same, slightly better. The 4th and 5th discs are great and DVD is ok. So essentially, only real floyd fans are going to buy this and they will already have discs 1-4, so they are paying big money for 2 cds and dvd basically.

  • Brian Middleton Jr. - Gischler for the win!

    Being a fan of Victor Gischler's other novels, I was pumped to check out Ink Mage. He has tackled post-apocalyptic near futures (Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse), a modern day westerns (The Deputy), hard-boiled crime (Gun Monkeys [best book ever!]), and several other genres, all with epic success. Ink Mage is no exception. Gischler brings his trademark pace, action and sharp dialogue to the fantasy genre, and it's better for it. If you love his other books, or want to read a epic new take on fantasy, this book is for you.