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  • http://www.floridahealthfinder.gov/healthencyclopedia/Health%20Illustrated%20Encyclopedia/topics.aspx List of Topics | Health Encyclopedia | FloridaHealthFinder.gov - Colles' fracture is a break across the end of the main bone of the forearm (the radius). A Colles' fracture results in a backward and outward position of the hand in relation to the forearm.

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  • ShoeShark - I was not transformed.

    OK, you are not going to lose 1 pound per day using this product, at lease that didn't happen for me. However, this product does have some healthy ingredients that definitely can't hurt. I'm not even going to attempt to get my money back because my time is work more that the effort it would take to do so. But I will say this if you purchase the product be sure to exercise every day and eat less than 1200 calories per day. That's the only way I can see this product having a positive effect.

  • mb68 - Orogold stores use high pressure and coercive sales techniques.

    I was walking through the mall at Passeo Neuvo in Santa Barbara Ca about a month ago, when a man approached me with a sample of lotion. He explained that the lotion had gold in it and that their products were the best in the world. I went into the store and he tried out some other products on my arm saying that the arm skin is the most similar skin on the body to the face. If they were supposed to be face products then why didn't he just put them on my face? During the demonstration he would not answer any questions about price, obviously people who go into their store are not concerned about price. He asked if I have a skin care routine and I explained that I see both a Dermatologist and and Aesthetician and use the products they recommend. Usually the M. D. sends me to Walgreens because it is close and has all the products I need, and he generally will instruct me to buy the cheapest brand because they usually are the same quality. Well that day at Oro Gold Cosmetics, I was duped, and met with high pressure salesmen, who know nothing about skin care, but repeatedly tell you that they are concerned for your well being and are there to help. He even went so far as to compare his line of work to mine in the medical field in that we are both in the helping professions. Now I agreed to buy the face moisturizer at around $100. He explained that none of the products work alone and that they can be bundled and then you receive a better price. So I bought some eye cream and some facial cleanser for a total of $388.78. It didn't stop here though. Next, since I bought these products he offered a free facial, and I thought since my aesthetician charges close to $200 it wouldn't hurt to try the free facial. Whoops, this was only a ploy to get me in the back room of their store laying down and relaxed and more of his flattery to sell me more products. The products he now wanted to sell were close to $10,000, but of course they have a cheaper line and you could get most of what you need, yes need for $270. I paid the $270 and then proceeded to leave. I opted to have the items shipped because I was on vacation and had flown out there and could not transport all these liquids in my carry-on. When I arrived at my hotel that night I review my receipts and read on the bottom of the receipt that they do not take returns. Now what kind of retailer does not take returns? I tried to call them at the store the next day, but there number goes to some warehouse in LA and the receptionist doesn't speak English very well, but tells me that the manager is not available. I called my credit card company, Wells Fargo, but they said that since the store takes no returns, and that my card was in my possession at the point of sale, they could not help me. Next time I will use American Express, they have always got my money back and are helpful. I have reported this to the mall management and they have received several complaints. They are reporting these complaints to property management. Next I am going to report this to BBB and California Department of Consumer Affairs. I urge you, do not walk into their store or buy their product on line. These common thieves need to be stopped.

  • D. Thompson - How can they call this "cheese?"

    This "cheese" (if you can call it that) completely ruined my eggplant parmasan! It tastes like cardboard. Do not waste your money!

  • LORAINE WELLMAN - Just what I wanted

    I was shopping locally in a bricks and mortar store and found only unidentified metal and unidentified coatings. I was happy to find this stainless steel pan and have been enjoying using it. It is sturdy, good quality.