Fluoride: Protected Pollutant or Panacea? - Are the claimed benefits of ingesting fluoride over-rated and the risks to our health and eco-system under-reported

  • http://www.fluoridation.com/calgary_2011.htm Fluoridation spigots were turned off in Calgary in 2011 - After twenty-plus years of Fluoridation, the Fluoride spigots were finally turned off in Calgary
  • http://www.fluoridation.com/calgary.htm Fluoridation in Calgary was Manufactured Consent in 1998 - Lies and Ad Hominem attacks of fluoridation proponents in Calgary fluoridation plebiscite
  • http://www.fluoridation.com/calgaryb.htm Fluoridation submission to Calgary City Council - Operations and Environment Committee - New Evidence of fluoride health risks & lack of benefit to stop artificial water fluoridation in Calgary
  • http://www.fluoridation.com/calgbias.htm Should Calgary Fluoridation Proponents be asked to review the safety of water fluoridation? - A panel of Calgary fluoridation proponents are chosen to review new scientific evidence of fluoride's alleged safety and benefits
  • http://www.fluoridation.com/report.htm Review of Calgary's Water Fluoridation Report - Professional reviews on the Report of the Expert Panel for Water Fluoridation Review
  • http://www.fluoridation.com/calgaryl.htm Scientists and professionals opposed to Artificial Water Fluoridation share expertise on the biological effects of fluoride on the human body - Are Dental-Public Health fluoridation proponents in Calgary experts on the biological effects of fluoride on the body?
  • http://www.fluoridation.com/CanadiansOpposedtoFluoridation.htm Canadian Directory of Fluoridation Opponents-Opposition - Support Groups in Canada Opposed to Fluoridation and trying to stop water fluoridation
  • http://www.fluoridation.com/caries2.htm Are the claimed benefits of fluoride over-rated? - Is fluoride ingestion and topical fluorides the principal factors involved in the decline of tooth decay in the last 50 years or are there other factors involved in the decreasing caries rates?
  • http://www.fluoridation.com/sutton.htm The Greatest Fraud Fluoridation - There have been suggestions that the decreases in dental caries reported from fluoridation trials may be merely a statistical artifact due to a delay in the onset of the caries process
  • http://www.fluoridation.com/flteeth.htm Fluoride intake and sky-rocketing fluorosis rates - Since fluoridation was first implemented in 1945, dental fluorosis rates in children have become pandemic
  • http://www.fluoridation.com/fluorosis.htm Dental fluorosis photos - graphic examples of fluoride poisoning and over-dose - Dental fluorosis in teeth is a reflection of what's happening in our bones and is the first visible sign of fluoride poisoning
  • http://www.fluoridation.com/colquhoun.htm WHY I CHANGED MY MIND ABOUT WATER FLUORIDATION - Based on new data collected, a former fluoridation proponent changes his opinion about the alleged safety and benefits of water fluoridation
  • http://www.fluoridation.com/abstract.htm Fluoridation - when the panacea becomes the poison...published abstracts - The sign of fluoride over-dose (dental fluorosis) is now pandemic in fluoridated areas. When the panacea becomes the poison, whose responsibility is it?

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