First Nations Community HealthSource - First Nations Community HealthSource is New Mexico’s urban Indian health center and a Federally Qualified Health Center in Albuquerque. (505) 262-2481.

  • About Us • First Nations - About us, First Nations Community HealthSource. Our major success has been providing accessible, affordable and available health services to families.
  • Our Team • First Nations - First Nations Community Healthsource and Our Team which includes Team Jade Providers, Team Coral Providers and Truman Providers. Contact us at 505-262-2481.
  • Our Patients Reviews • First Nations - First Nations Community Healthsource (FNCH) and our patients reviews. Visit us at 5608 Zuni Road SE Albuquerque, NM 87108. Contact us at 505-262-248.
  • Our Current Events • First Nations - First Nations Community HealthSource and our current events at Zuni Clinic 5608 Zuni Rd SE, Albuquerque, NM. For more info contact us at (505) 262-2481
  • Board of Directors • First Nations - First Nations and our Board of Directors list. Tassy Parker, PhD, RN (Seneca), Angelita Benally (Navajo), Janet Pacheco-Morton, Joyce Hudson (Navajo)
  • Funding Sources • First Nations - First Nations and our Funding Sources. Primary Care, Dental, Behavioral Health, Traditional Healing, Social Services, Medicaid Enrollment, WIC and more.
  • Eligibility & Payment Policies • First Nations - Eligibility & Payment Policies. All American Indians with a Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB), of all tribal affiliations, are eligible.
  • Employment Opportunities • First Nations Community HealthSource - Our Employment Opportunities at First Nations Community HealthSource. FNCH is a voluntary, non-profit, independent health and human services organization.
  • HIPAA • First Nations - HIPPA and First Nations Community HealthSource, Inc. Our Legal Duty. Patient Rights. Questions and Complaints. Human Resources Manager.
  • Services • First Nations - First Nations Community HealthSource medical services. Visit us at Zuni Healthcare Center 5608 Zuni Road SE or Contact us at 505-262-2481.
  • Contact Us • First Nations - Contact us at First Nations Community HealthSource Zuni Clinic Center and First Nations Community HealthSource Truman Clinic Center. Cal Us 505-262-2481.
  • Donate • First Nations - Donate, First Nations Community HealthSource (FNCH) is a private, nonprofit organization created in 1972 as the Albuquerque Urban Indian Health Clinic.
  • Homeless Outreach • First Nations - The Homeless Outreach Program assists homeless individuals and families with healthcare and social support assistance. Contact First Nations at 505.262.6554
  • Alternative Therapies • First Nations - Alternative Therapiesa with First Nations Community HealthSource. We offer an array of alternative forms of healing. Contact us at 505-262-2481
  • Behavioral Health • First Nations - Behavioral Health Services from First Nations Community HealthSource are available for children, adolescents, adults, families, couples, and groups.
  • Dental • First Nations - First Nations Community HealthSource offers a comprehensive dental program. Walk-ins and appointments are available. Please call 505.262.2481.
  • Diabetes Prevention • First Nations - First Nations Community HealthSource’s Diabetes Program provides a team approach to diabetes management and prevention education. Contact us at 505-262-2481
  • HIV/AIDS • First Nations - Our HIV Prevention Team provides culturally considerate care and services which are responsive to the needs of individuals within our statewide communities.
  • Linkages • First Nations - First Nation’s Linkage Program is a supportive housing program that is a state funded pilot initiative designed to provide rental subsidies 505.262.6046
  • Medicaid Enrollment • First Nations - First Nations Community HealthSource’s Medicaid Enrollment Program provides on-site application assistance and eligibility screenings, call 505.262.6045
  • Primary Care • First Nations - First Nations Community HealthSource and its Primary Care offers a full range family medical service. Walk-ins and appointments are available. 505.262.2481
  • Social Services • First Nations - First Nations Community HealthSource’s Social Services Program for Native Americans. For more information please call 505.262.2481
  • Women Infants and Children • First Nations - Women Infants and Children First Nations Community HealthSource’s Woman, Infants and Children (WIC) Services. Contact us for more info at 505-262-6531
  • Youth Mentoring Program • First Nations - First Nations Community HealthSource’s Youth Mentoring Program. Focused on facilitating a supportive mentor relationship between a caring adult and a child.

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