Comfort Footwear Specialists - Shoe Shops in Ireland to Alleviate Foot Pain - Foot Solutions is more than just a shoe shop. We are the expert specialising in foot problems. Don't let foot pain slow you down. Visit our store now.

  • Foot Pain Causes, Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment - Some foot problems can be difficult to recognize because the foot is unique and has so many parts. Foot Solutions has the answer to help treat foot pain.
  • Arch Supports & Custom Orthotics To Alleviate Foot Arch Pain - We're confident that our custom orthotics and custom-crafted arch support will help you alleviate foot arch pain because we made it just right for you.
  • Womens Shoes | Foot Solutions Ireland - Our womens shoes are available in 1/2 sizes and come in variable widths. In addition, we carry shoes of different shapes and depths to fit almost any foot type.
  • ACTIVE | Comfort Womens Shoes - From walking and running to hiking & working on your feet all day, the wide range of stylish comfort footwear at Foot Solutions can meet your every need.
  • Quality shoes, arch supports, and foot care in Ireland - Foot Solutions - Focusing on foot care and properly fitting shoes. We pride ourselves on providing a full line of quality shoes, arch supports, and foot care accessories, designed for all customer lifestyles.
  • Morton’s Neuroma: Alcohol Sclerosing | Foot Solutions - Alcohol sclerosing is a treatment method using a sclerosing solution of 4% alcohol/ethanol, injected close to the site of the neuroma using ultrasound guidance
  • Foot Conditions Linked To Wearing High Heels | Foot Solutions - Foot Solutions, we have a stylish range of footwear for all occasions and will be happy to help you to find the best options for you.
  • Hammertoe: What Does It Mean And How Is It Treated? - Hammertoe can cause many problems, including pain and difficulty walking and standing, and an inability to exercise properly. Book A Free Gait Analysis Now.
  • How Do You Know If Your Achilles Is Torn? - If you tear your Achilles tendon, you are likely to experience excruciating pain. We offer a free gait analysis test so that you can see exactly where your feet need the most support
  • The Right Tendonitis Treatment to Relieve your Pain - Foot Solutions - If you are suffering from Achilles Tendonitis, Foot Solutions can help. Our tendonitis treatment come in with free fitting to help relieve your tendonitis pain.

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    Installed this garbage disposal when the old Badger broke. Wanted to replace it with something a little more robust and hoped that this could use the same mounting scheme. Yes, it can!

  • ~~C~~ - Not all that impressed, unfortunately...

    This product is ok I suppose, but only because I have sensitive skin and this didn't make my face red and blotchy.

  • Amazon Customer - Great story

    This story is just like me and my son. We were so excited to see the resemblance in our relationship through the words of this story. Great father/son reading experience.

  • L. Grothe - Didn't Work with 2012 Vista

    Product I received did not work with my 2012 Vista. The connectors look to be different than the bumper bar, and did not lock.