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  • Michael Lane - like a full hour

    All about taking the leases amount of anything. Used to use the pill form, but these liquid gels are where it's at. I usually wait too long to take anything, like a full hour, so by the time I need relief I want it to kick in fast. The pill form took up to 20 minutes, these start working in about half that time or less. Nice.

  • smartmomma - Works very well for thinning hair!

    I have VERY thin hair on the top and front of my head. I'm a 41 yr old female with female pattern baldness. I have medium brown curly hair. Based on previous reviews I chose light brown. I'm happy I did me because it blended perfectly. To apply I found the spray applicator works best for me. I dry and style my hair and then gently lift sections up and holding the sprayer 3-6" above my hair, give shallow "poofs" to the shaft and 2-3" in length from my scalp. Then I lay the hair back in the desired style and generally mist the hair in the thinnest spots-patting the hair to gently push it into the hair itself. Then light spray with hairspray. I have also not used hair spray and it stayed in place as well. It has never come off on my pillow or my clothes. The only issue I have is getting too close to my scalp- it can become polka dots in my bald spots if not careful. If you have a small bald spot this would be fine, but my hair is so thin I would need a lot of product to cover my scalp. Toppik plumps the hair I have and dusts my scalp in color to minimize my scalp showing. My husband thinks it looks really natural- he didn't know what I had done but kept saying how good my hair looked. He was surprised when I told and showed him the product. He had no idea it was fibers! Part of what really makes my hair look thicker is that this product is great to make your hairline part look thinner and thus making your hair appear fuller. To keep a straight part line, lay a pipe cleaner on top of your part or use a piece of paper to cover the part line and then apply to Toppik over the paper/pipe cleaner. You will be amazed how minimizing your part maximizes the look of your hair! It's a good solution with little effort. Depending in your type of thinning/balding will determine if the product is successful for you. The product does attach to the hair you have and does appear thicker and it does not come off until you wash it. It did exactly what it promised to. Good luck!