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  • Lori - amazing

    I only had the wood floors for about 2 years and they looked like they were over 10 years old. Finish was very dull and looked worn. I had someone come and refinish it for me and he told me that I was actually stripping the finish off when I was using the "wood floor cleaners" products that I would buy at the store. He recommended to me that I use the Bona-X and nothing else and I would see a big difference. It has been almost 5 years now and my floors still look like he just refinish them. You need to use the microfiber mop cover which they call it the micro-plus cover on the amazon. I'm sure if you go on the internet, you will find the mop to use this. I highly recommend this product. I got a spray bottle and just refill it that way as it is easier and lighter to carry and it doesn't take much to do your floors. Never leaves it dull anymore and it really does a great job cleaning dirt off. Amazon got a good price for this product.

  • Buffy - These are 90 compression and have a good feel coming off of my Diablo Edge clubs

    Classic Callaway golf balls. These are 90 compression and have a good feel coming off of my Diablo Edge clubs. This is a good value for the price. Pros won't use these, but for a casual golfer these work great.

  • Sarah - LOVE IT! and so does the kid

    LOVE IT! and so does the kid. Easy to set up and feels very cozy and very sturdy. It's too heavy for travel, but you could buy the Clek Weelie to drag it around in.

  • Adrian Murray - Excellent Service

    I was able to download the software the day I purchased it. The representative was quick and polite. Definitely worth doing on Amazon.

  • FA Cabs - Great Stuff!

    One of my favorite glues. The glue allows plenty of time to accurately position the parts. Prior to hardening, a moist cloth will clean the excessive glue easily and tidily. The bond, once the glue is cured, is super-strong. No evidence of glue was ever evident on the various projects when I used Titebond Liquid Hide. Love the stuff!

  • A. Richards - Fastest wine chiller we've seen

    We are purchasing our second Cooper Cooler. The last one we basically just wore out with heavy use over a few years. The need to add ice (a minor inconvenience) is better than waiting 30 minutes for a chilled glass of wine at the end of the day. We were given one of the Waring chillers that is a self-refrigerated type and it takes a long time to chill (although it is fine to keep wine at temperature near the dining table). But for a cold beer quickly, or to chill wine in 6 minutes (it really does!) this is the best and quickest. When we got our first Cooper Cooler, we were afraid we would "blow up" carbonated beverages with the spinner. No problem, spinning seems to work fine with no fizzy consequences. Even works for champagne if the bottle is small enough. Some are a little big.

  • annam - Accidentally shaved off an entire eyebrow with one of the guards

    I liked this razor until I attempted to use it on my eyebrows... I used the 4mm guard and it didn't do anything so I used the 2mm guard and it practically shaved off one of my eyebrows completely! Im very upset! 😩