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  • LSLLSL - Bottles and formulation different from what I bought before giving me horrible headaches

    I have been buying Natural D Hist off the internet a few times. I bought a bottle from this supplier. It did not work in the same way, in fact, it felt like my brain was on fire and I got ice pick-like headaches. I still had a couple of tablets in another bottle left. I compared the two products. The bottles are not the same sizes. I went to google where I can find another source of Ortho Molecular ProductSSSSS and not Ortho Molecular Product as this supplier is listed. It says you can only buy Ortho Molecular Products from a licenced practitioner,

  • Wisconsin46 - Great Quality Buy Laser Cartrige

    Had a printing project that Office max wanted 13 cents a sheet for printing back to back 2500 pages. ~$325. Doing the math at ~1000 sheets per cartridge. HP wants about $120 per for their cartridge, Office Max $70. LD wants thru amazon wants <$30. My project printing cost, using my HP laser printer @ 22 page/min, 5 cartridges and 5 reams of paper later was about $150. The print quality of the LD cartridges was noticeably superior to the Office Max 12A cartridge. I suspect it is at least the equal of an HP cartridge. Needless to say, I bought 2 more LD cartridges from LD directly. LD want more than the Amazon price, but did price match Amazon. So I really suggest that you go through Amazon for the best price. Hope the internet tax deal does not go through because that will increase the cost of everything and the brick and mortar stores will be more competitive.

  • Cat Claydon - Good - not great - but still the talent of the Author shines through

    I really wanted to love this book. I'm a big fan of Mark Edwards and have read all of his stand-alone novels. What Mr. Edwards does well is still very front and center in this book. I think the author always makes his main character easily accessible. I find myself always emotionally connecting with the character and feeling involved in their story. In this book, I often felt frustrated for Sophie. As a reader I felt helpless to guide her and that tells me I was able to make an emotional connection to the main character. This is something that Mr. Edwards does SO well. Unfortunately that was the only part of this novel that was as well done as in his previous work.

  • Jeffb47 - Not intuitive, constant sales preasure

    Buy this program because your accountant uses it and/or there's an interface with your bank. Otherwise, this software is very frustrating to learn and use. The most annoying thing, especially when you're trying to learn how to use it, is the unexpected sales pitches which seem to be woven throughout the software. And when you call Intuit for any reason, get ready for another sales pitch. I tried to get the woman on the phone to purchase some of our products but she just giggled.

  • M. Chen - Convenient, solar, new industry, nice product, unique, but weak batteries.

    I am unhappy with the mAh produced by the batteries that come stock. Though I can fully charge them, they cannot fully charge my cell phone. =(

  • NWBoom - Goes on really easy. Beware that it does put off a bit ...

    I've used this now for 2 seasons. Goes on really easy. Beware that it does put off a bit of an orange tint but if you're okay with that it's a great product. I'm out twice a week for 4 months in the summer and only had to apply this twice last season to the swim deck.