Radiotherapy Radiation Oncology - Genesis Cancer Care WA - Genesis Cancer Care Western Australia is the leading private provider of essential radiotherapy radiation oncolgy services in the state. Centre locations include Perth Radiation Oncology Centre, Shenton House Joondalup, Royal Perth Hospital and Bunbury

  • About Us - Genesis Cancer Care WA - Genesis Cancer Care Western Australia was originally established in the 1970s as Perth Radiation Oncology, by partners John Holt, Alan Nelson and John Shepard. The department's initial offerings were in the form of superficial x-ray treatment (SXRT)
  • News - Genesis Cancer Care WA - Check back regulary for the latest news on radiotherapy and radiation oncology services from Genesis Cancer Care Western Australia
  • Contact Us - Genesis Cancer Care WA - For help, advice and appointments, please contact your nearest Genesis Cancer Care WA centre at Perth Radiation Oncology - Wembley, Shenton House - Joondalup, Royal Perth Hospital - Perth, South West Radiation Oncology Service - Bunbury, WA
  • Careers @ GenesisCare - Genesis Cancer Care WA - South West Radiation Oncology Service Bunbury Radiation Therapists The South West Radiation Oncology Service in Bunbury is seeking an enthusiastic and committed radiation therapy professional who is
  • Why Choose Us? - Genesis Cancer Care WA - Genesis Cancer Care Western Australia is a leading private provider of radiotherapy treatment, and currently comprises of four major cancer facilities servicing the Perth CBD, north and west Perth
  • Philosophy - Genesis Cancer Care WA - We operate a best-practice multidisciplinary team that consists of radiation oncologists, radiation therapists, radiation oncology medical physicists and radiation oncology nurses.
  • Vision & Values - Genesis Cancer Care WA - Our vision - innovating healthcare transforming lives. Our values - collaboration, compassion, outcomes and inovation
  • Equipment - Genesis Cancer Care WA - We provides critical radiotherapy services to Australian cancer patients with the most comprehensive suite of radiotherapy services including 3D planning System, Linear Accelerator and Integrated Bracytherapy Unit
  • Staff - Genesis Cancer Care WA - Genesis Cancer Care Western Australia manages a diverse functioning team that comprises radiation oncologists, medical oncologists (Shenton House, Joondalup), radiation therapists, radiation
  • Services - Genesis Cancer Care WA - Genesis Cancer Care Western Australia provides external beam radiotherapy services at all of our sites. Across the network there is currently a total of 9 linear accelerators servicing the metropolitan and regional areas.
  • We Listen - Genesis Cancer Care WA - GenesisCare recognises that one of the best ways of enhancing quality of care is to listen to and partner with people who have experienced cancer and its treatments. Using this experience, our
  • Patient Feedback - Genesis Cancer Care WA - Your feedback is extremely important and helps us to continually improve our service. Here are some highlights from the patient satisfaction surveys over the last quarter (January – February 2016.
  • Patient Accommodation - Genesis Cancer Care WA - Genesis CancerCare Lodge is a private patient accommodation service affiliated with Genesis CancerCare. While undergoing treatment at a Genesis CancerCare facility
  • Cancer Care - Genesis Cancer Care WA - Cancer and cardiovascular disease are the two largest health burdens in Australia, representing more than a third of recurrent healthcare expenditure. More than one in three Australians will
  • What is Cancer? - Genesis Cancer Care WA - Cancer is a generic name given to a group of diseases that involve uncontrolled multiplication of abnormal cells. This usually results in the area growing in size, affecting the original and
  • Cancer Types - Genesis Cancer Care WA - For information on different cancer types including Colorectal, Breast, Prostate, Gynaecological, Upper Gastrointestinal, Skin, Head and Neck, Lung, Brain (Neurological)
  • Colorectal - Genesis Cancer Care WA - Colorectal cancer is cancer in any part of the colon and/or rectum. In its early stages colorectal cancer often has no symptoms. However, some people may experience: A change in bowel habits,
  • Breast - Genesis Cancer Care WA - Breast cancer is most common cancer in Australian women. Breast cancer occurs when the cells lining the breast ducts or lobules grow abnormally and out of control. There are two common broad groups
  • Prostate - Genesis Cancer Care WA - Prostate cancer remains the most common cancer diagnosis for men. Prostate cancer develops when abnormal cells in the prostate gland grow more quickly than in a normal prostate forming a malignant
  • Gynaecological - Genesis Cancer Care WA - Gynaecological cancers include: Cervical - There are two main types of cervical cancer: Squamous cell carcinoma, the most common type, starts in the skin-like cells which cover the outer surface of
  • Upper Gastrointestinal - Genesis Cancer Care WA - Common types of upper gastrointestinal cancers include: Oesophagus Pancreas, and Stomach These tumours are often found in the lining of tissue in each of these areas. Symptoms are usually not
  • Skin - Genesis Cancer Care WA - Skin cancers are very common in Australia, largely as a result of our climate and our love of the sun, together with the fact that many of us have fair skin. There are three major types of skin
  • Head and Neck - Genesis Cancer Care WA - Head and neck cancer can be located in the following areas: Mouth or oral cavity Salivary gland Pharynx Larynx Nasal cavity or paranasal sinus The majority of patients diagnosed with head and neck
  • Lung - Genesis Cancer Care WA - There are two main types of lung cancer that are commonly diagnosed: Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) causes include smoking, asbestos exposure and history of tuberculosis
  • Brain - Genesis Cancer Care WA - A brain tumour forms when cells grow and divide in an uncontrollable way. When this occurs, the tumour takes up space within the skull and can interfere with the brain's normal activity. A tumour
  • Melanoma - Genesis Cancer Care WA - Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that arises from melanocytes, cells responsible for skin pigments. While rare, melanoma can arise from other parts of the body like the gut and finger nails.
  • Radiation Therapy Services - Genesis Cancer Care WA - More than one in three people will develop cancer in their lifetime and over half of these patients will require radiation therapy (sometimes referred to as radiotherapy) at least once
  • Medical Oncology Services - Genesis Cancer Care WA - Medical oncology is the speciality that uses chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and targeted therapy to manage rapidly growing malignant (cancer) cells in the body. We often colloquially use the word ‘chemotherapy’
  • Clinical Trials - Genesis Cancer Care WA -  Genesis Cancer Care Western Australia is committed to the participation and coordination of clinical trials within its practices. Genesis CancerCare and Trans-Tasman Radiation Oncology Group
  • Training - Genesis Cancer Care WA - Genesis Cancer Care is actively engaged in the training and development of its staff across its radiotherapy network, including but not limited to participation in the: Medical Physics Registrar

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