Houston Pain Management - Trusted Specialist in Pain - Doctors Elias Benhamou, MD and Mobeen Choudhri, MD are specialists in pain medicine and provide the latest in prevention, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation options. We provide interventional pain procedures for immediate and lasting pain relief in a high quality, outpatient clinic setting in Houston TX and Victoria TX

  • http://www.ghpain.com/meetphysicians Benhamou and Choudhri - Pain Management Specialists - Doctors Elias Benhamou, MD and Mobeen Choudhri, MD are your local houston area pain specialists and provide the latest in prevention, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation options. They form a multi-disciplinary team for comprehensive pain management.
  • http://www.ghpain.com/pain-management-services Pain Management and Treatment Services of Houston - We provide comprehensive medical pain management and pain treatment with specialization in a broad range of interventional pain management procedures in our safe, high quality, patient comfort centered Houston clinic.
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  • http://www.ghpain.com/contact-us Directions and Info of Our Pain Clinics - Doctors Elias Benhamou, MD and Mobeen Choudhri, MD have pain treatment clinics located in Bellaire, TX in the heart of Houston near the Houston Medical Center and Victoria, TX. Our outpatient clinics are manicured for patient comfort, quality, and ease of access with ample visitor parking.
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