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  • K. Andry - Shrinks fibroids

    I took the full recommended dosage. I had three very large fibroids (13cm, 9cm, and 7cm respectively) that I was trying to shrink before I had surgery to completely remove them (open myomectomy). I took this in conjunction with Nattokinase (full dosage), Vitex tincture (2 full droplets first thing in the morning), DIM (double the full daily between 400mg-800mg a day), and I gave up coffee during that period (Fibroids are mainly caused by estrogen dominance and coffee promotes estrogen dominance, as well as alcohol and industrial meat. So, I gave up meat as well. I couldn't give up a glass of wine after work. Hehe). In a matter of 3 months (the time period between when I went into preterm labor due to the fibroids and we lost our baby girl, and when I was due to have surgery) my fibroids shrank to 8cm, 7cm, and 5cm. My gyno was shocked. I thought maybe if I didn't have the surgery I could've shrank them even more over the course of a year. We wanted to TTC as soon as possible, and also the fibroids were pushing on some major organs and my spine, affecting my health. There's a lot of research to support that taking enzymes, specifically this on combined with Nattokinase, shrinks fibroids. As far as I'm concerned, it worked wonders for me.

  • Kiana Donegan - Excellent

    I own a traveling bookkeeping business and recommend Quickbooks and Quickbooks payroll to all of my clients. It is easy enough for someone to use regardless of their previous accounting knowledge--and it makes my job very easy.

  • Wendy - Great camera bag

    I bought this along with the Timbuk2 Classic Messenger bag after looking for a long time for a new camera bag. This is just what I was looking for! Lots of padding to keep lenses from banging around, and I love how I can adjust the inserts for different items. Great product!

  • Sebastian - Don't ever buy software that won't give you support even if you have their latest update.

    They have definitely downgraded their software... I used to have the 2013 version, everything worked fine. I upgraded to 2016 and now my backups won't queue automatically, so I can't leave all my backups running through the night. I thought it was probably something simple to fix, so I contacted support and they responded with a massive long email, and when I finally found the time to review it, I wasn't able to fix the problem... I then contacted them back and the case was closed and guess what! My support plan was expired! That was like 1 month period of useless support! This is the 2016 version and we are still on 2015 and these as#h@les drop support just like that! And NO, I don't want their cloud storage rip off, that's why I have my own external hard drives... And NO, I don't want to waste my time registering in their forums to wait for a miracle answer.

  • Michael L. Tajima - This is AWESOME!! It WORKS!!!

    I am 28 i have been taking this on and off for 2 years. IT IS GREAT FOR WORKING OUT!!!! I recover faster, i feel stronger, i loose weight. this thing rocks im on my 4-5th bottle.. each bottle is HUGE, but so is the amount ur supposed to take.. Although when u work out ur muscle gain is so quick u tend to gain weight before u loose any!!