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  • Jessica R. - Accurate, multi use and quick reading

    I love the option to use it in the forehead or in the ear. I've compared this to my Drs thermometer and it is completely accurate. All I do is press the button and the temperature shows up instantly. It's perfect especially when my sons very sick and I can't get him to sit for a minute for the standard kind. I'm very impressed and highly recommend it. This product was provided at little to no cost for testing and review purposes. I have provided my honest, unbiased review. My opinions are my own and in no way did the discounted price influence my review of this product.

  • SezDave - Modem is great, WiFi of garbage

    Modem is great, WiFi is garbage. I tried every possible reason, settings, configuration, checked entire house for interference, overlapping channels etc etc. Nothing could get it to function properly. Turned the internal WiFi off and plugged a $20 tp link router in the back, problem solved.

  • Susan Aikman - Out of the Park Homerun

    Another Mario Batali homerun! This is a beautiful cookbook, full of magnificent photos. It will take me a year to cook my way through all the recipes that I bookmarked. The only recipe that I promise I won’t try is the one for Rocky Mountain Oysters. Many recipes have a fairly short ingredient list and the ingredients are all readily available (except the aforementioned rocky mountain oysters ). I’ll be leaving this book out on my coffee table for a while.