Adenine|Efavirenz Intermediate E-2|Isotretinoin|Cytidylic acid--Jiangxi Hengxiang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. - Jiangxi Hengxiang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.(Hengxiang Pharm for short), are a professional manufacturer of pharmaceutical intermediates located in Zibu Fine Chemical Industry Park in Wannian, Jiangxi Province, southeast of China. Founded in September, 2010, we are a newly..

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    Country:, Asia, CN

    City: 120.1614 Zhejiang, China

  • denise cruz - Love them

    Great shoes bought for my daughter everywhere we go people say omg where did u get those I say Amazon I bought black pair and white

  • Summerville - Good clean look

    Exactly what I expected. Good clean look, easy-ish installation. After figuring out the left vs. right mounting (you'll know if it's wrong very quickly) I still had a bit of trouble getting the screws in cleanly. It would have been nice if they included a right-angle phillips, but life goes on.

  • monkey - Excellent heater with great features

    I can't believe I'm going to rave about a portable heater, but here goes! This heater is incredible and keeps the whole room warm (and I tried several before getting this one.) Not only is it lightweight and very quiet, but in addition to having "high", "low" and "fan only" settings, it also has a thermostat dial, so you can adjust the heat level. The operation is very quiet when turning on and off. The casing stays cool enough to touch, and if it tips over (I knocked it over once), it automatically shuts off. This portable heater is ideal. I bought it to place in my baby twins' room (so their room can be warmer at night than the rest of the house). I feel so good knowing that they are kept warm and comfortable safely. I am going to purchase another one to have on hand to use in other rooms.

  • Jacqueline H. Briggs - Do NOT first

    Dogs became very ill within the first 3-4 days of putting collars on and the vet can't refund an opened used product and Bayer will not just approve a refund. They treat you like you are scamming or lying. They justify not refunding because it is an opened used product. So these companies get to make money on these products and not refund when the customer can't use it because it makes the dog I'll. I cannot believe that after a vet highly recommends the product they then say they can't refund an "opened sued product" after it made the dogs sick. They have to go to Bayer for approval for a refund. When new products/chemicals are introduced in the market for flea and tick there is always the risk of adverse reactions. The company is not held responsible or accountable. The price of these collars is not cheap. If your dogs becomes sick within the first 3 days you literally threw your money away and Bayer and the vet made a profit off of each and every collar sold. At that point they are going to continue to make a lot of money until there are enough reports of adverse reactions to maybe pull it off the market. That would take a lot and not everyone will report their experience. So the profits will continue to pour in despite the dogs that end up sick. Their are dogs having seizures.....this is not a concern for vets and Bayer. All they care about is the profit. If it makes a dog sick or doesn't do what it says you should be entitled to a refund. Period. Get it in writing when you buy it that you can get a refund if there is a problem. If they told people up front there would he less sales. But at least you would know you are taking a chance with the money you spend. You won't see them tell you willing about not being able to refund because they know there will be less sales.

  • Amazon Product Reviews - Tone Corrects but...

    I use both the shampoo and conditioner for this product. It's great to use as a quick tough up as I do notice less brassy blonde after use. My complaint is that it leaves my hair super dry and frizzy, even with the recommended conditioner. I use this once a week or less as a maintenance product in between salon visits.

  • zahir - A good product

    Acne on the face well blossomed always been greatly reduced When I was contemplating using this product a few days. The red skin looks shiny. Sarajini face is shining. Thank you for a great product, we will continue to patronize often.