Henrietta Norton Nutrition - Henrietta Norton is an experienced Nutritional Therapist in women’s nutrition, children's nutrition, pregnancy and fertility. She is a health writer and author of 'Take Control of Your Endometriosis' by Kyle books. She is also Co-Founder of Food-State supplement brand Wild Nutrition, with her husband Charlie. Henrietta offers Nutritional Consultations from clinics in both London and Sussex.

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  • lianzon - Helpful in fungal infection

    Bought this for my dad. It helps in relieving the tiny red patches on his back. It leaves his skin a little bit dry but it does help in relieving the itch and speeds ip healing together with his prescribed ointment.

  • Fabian M. Rodriguez - Shaving with class

    This product is very good. I know it is pricey and I know that it is just shaving. However, that why you want to buy it. It is made for those who want a classy shave and have that professional 'look.' I always wanted a real close shave with a scent that is not aloe that Gillete offers. It goes on thick and smooth. May I recommend a shave brush as well. Lavender smells great and the ladies will be guessing what scent you are wearing. I just like to be ahead of the curve in classy products. Just buy it and see for yourself.

  • Kindle Customer - Perfect solution for small overhead bins on regional jets

    I fly twice a week for work, and frequently find myself stuck on the smaller regional jets that some airlines have fallen in love with. The overhead bins on many of these planes will not accommodate even a smaller "rollaboard" suitcase. My Eagle Creek rollaboard JUST MISSES fitting into a CRJ900 overhead by 3/4" because of its lower rigid frame, so I'm forced to gate-check it. The Timbuk2 Wingman (Medium) has the same length-by-width footprint as my rollaboard (21" by 14"), and fits into the small overhead bins! No need to gate-check my bag and wait 10-15 minutes in the jetway for the bag to be unloaded and brought up!

  • J. Laney - The BEST Peach Gummy By Far...

    So much better than the traditional rings. Nice and sweet, with a slightly chewy outside with a nice, soft inside. Great intense peach flavor. It doesn't get much better than Haribo. Lasts forever in a ziploc bag or tupperware.