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  • dave - Quicken 2013 review

    I returned the product. It would not work with my Shell Master Card, which is what I use for most of my purchases. The set up was great until I got to that point.

  • Ling Paul - a good video editor

    it is a good video editor, but almost the same as previous version movie edit pro 17 plus hd for me.

  • candy cane - Keeps me full and full of energy! I would ...

    Keeps me full and full of energy! I would suggest adding more water then is called for only because it has a strong flavor.

  • Amazon Customer - I'd recommend going to the doctors to get checked out

    It's odd to me that the ingredients in this product caused stomach pain with a few consumers. I'd recommend going to the doctors to get checked out. Anyways, this is my first week on fat fighters and I LOVE them. I work out 3-5 times a week doing interval workouts, and felt I was in a slump with my weight. I went from 120 on cardio to 125 with interval workouts. I know muscle is heavy but I was still pretty bummed on the gains. I LOVE carbs and after taking these for a week I'm 2 pounds down after being stuck for weeks. yay!

  • Brett - Fairly pleased

    Not as powerful as I thought it would be, but seems to shave fairly well. So far some people have pointed out that I've missed a few spots while shaving although I'm sure I passed the razor in that area. I might have to apply more pressure. You have to charge it for 8 hours to get 35 minutes of shaving power. That's also kind of a long time. However; some of the other electric razors are ridiculously expensive.

  • Kelly Davis - DONT WASTE YOUR TIME

    The bonus tokens are a joke. You need to pay real money to play.... real money. I save day after day until i have over 7000 tokens and only bet 125 tokens each spin AND lose all tokens within 15 minuets. Save again, Same Result!!!! Ridiculous!!!!