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  • Littlemomma658 - Light weight

    NONPAREIL Extendable Aluminum Trekking & Hiking Pole - Telescoping Walking Stick for the Great Outdoors

  • Laura - I LOVE planners and agendas and writing out my schedule - ...

    I LOVE planners and agendas and writing out my schedule - always have. This is my 2nd Lilly agenda and I can't imagine using any other planner now. The tabs, notes, and monthly views are also nice nice to have with my detailed written schedule. The folder pocket is always full of important papers and notes that stay safely inside with the strap. Not to mention the planner itself is adorable and fits perfectly in my purse. LOVE my Lilly agendas!!

  • Roberto F. Delaplaza - QuickBooks Pro Ruined last 5 years of accounting of my company

    I had QB Pro 2010 installed after a lot of hassle from Intuit about registering the freaking program.

  • lb1428 - So hard to tighten straps and recline won't stay locked!

    There are a few great things about this carseat and then several terrible features that are making me hate it. I bought this in early 2016 as a replacement for a 2014 Pria 70 after being in a minor accident. My first seat was in Total Black which tended to get quite hot in the summer time (my daughter would be totally sweaty after any trip even with the AC blasting). I opted for the Grey Gravel hoping it would be slightly cooler but that is not the case. Not only is it just as hot, the Gravel is a different material (not the easily cleanable neoprene like the Total Black was but more of a pique like a polo golf shirt). I cannot keep this seat clean. Within a week of washing it there are spots everywhere again. The only upside that I will mention is that the newer model has snaps that make it easy to remove everything for washing without having to uninstall the whole seat.

  • Danielle W. - Cat spraying issues? Buy this!

    I wasn't sure if it worked. But when we didn't refill the defuser we had some issues with are kitties marking. We have 3 cats and two started spraying in our common areas. That is Unacceptable! It can ruin your home and belongings. This along with two kitty litters and constant cleaning of litters solved our issue. This with a urine remover spray, don't use bleach since it has ammonia in it and the cats WILL return to spray. Will be a game changing if you love your two competing alpha females and they are battling by urine in your house.