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Country:, Oceania, NZ

City: 174.7667 Auckland, New Zealand

  • Bart L. Schairer - Excellent for teaching yourself Access

    I'm a couple of years behind writing this review, but I taught myself Access with just this book. Since then I'm a database maniac - I wish I had learned it earlier. This book is laid out well and fairly easy to use - something I can't say for all software manuals. For that matter, I've pretty much hated most of the software manuals I've ever used - but I love this one.

  • Divs - useful and comfortable

    love love love LOVE the inglesina fast table chair! i bought this product after researching several travel high chairs and finally settled on this one. i am not disappointed at all! here's why i preferred the inglesina high chair over the others that i looked at:

  • N. Walker - 5 Stars for the first 5 years of heavy use only

    When I was ready to lay down the $500.00 I had saved to purchase cookware that would last a life time; I researched heavily and decided on Le Creuset. $500.00 is a lot of money and I was more than willing to sacrifice it after I saw that this stuff had a life time warranty. Well 5 years later I am able to use only 4 pieces out of the 6 piece set that I purchased. I'm guessing from heavy use, as I thought it so wonderful, easy to clean etc..., the porcelain lining has begun to chip severly. I mean at least 70% of the surface is flaking off on the bottom of the pots. The flaking occurred suddenly when I was cooking and the pieces got in the food.

  • Blake - Should have bought this before any other case I tried, haha. It's awesome!

    The textured surface feels good. I really prefer this to a soft silicone or hard plastic. I have the black case and it shows no fingerprints. The case is well molded to the 12' iPad Pro. I have a screen protector on the case and there's absolutely no interference. It has all the normal/standard viewing angles that the much more expensive Smart Cover has. The pencil holder is also quite snug and it's very convenient in daily use. I carry this around as my mobile blogging device as well as a mobile sketchbook, after trying a few combinations of cheap sub $20 cases and much more expensive $100+ cases I feel like this is the one I should have 'picked up in the first place.

  • Cardurga - Received on time in perfect condition and it works just as I needed to ...

    Received on time in perfect condition and it works just as I needed to hook up my new laptop to my monitor. I did need the dvi-d adapter as the monitor is a bit older but it works just fine. The HDMI to adapter connection and HDMI to laptop port is snug, smooth and not a struggle to put in like some cheap cables. In addition, my laptop will hook up directly to my newer projector without the adapter so fewer parts to get lost or be forgotten on the road. The 6 foot length is perfect to allow a bit of slack in the hookup. Too tight and the ends seem to find a way to get loose.