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  • Steve Williams - I can shave my own back now without help from my wife

    Great design. As a man I can appreciate finally being able to shave my own back without having to ask my wife to assist.

  • Lady Ruth - Great Product!

    I found this product is absolutely wonderful. Purchased it for someone who has had trouble for a few years with their nostrils being dry from oxygen use. They report they had immediate relief after 1 use. They don't find it necessary to use it every day, just a few times per week. They indicate they would definitely recommend it to any one with nasal dryness. Eliminated nosebleeds caused by the dryness.

  • Marco Colon - nice upgrade for a great price but proceed with caution

    Very cool to be able to upgrade your TV's hardware and software for such a cheap price. with every update recently my es7500 TV's smart hub would get slower and slower, so when I saw the SEK-1000 evolution kit for such a cheap price it was a no brainer. When I first installed the evolution kit I had some issues with the TV rebooting constantly so I looked online on Samsung's website and I noticed that there was a more recent firmware version than what the evolution kit was downloading when selecting "update software" from the TV's menu. so I got a flash drive and downloaded the latest firmware onto the flash drive, powered off the TV, removed the evolution kit from the TV, powered the TV back on (without the evolution kit installed), upgraded the TV's firmware again to the latest level (the evolution kit somehow downgraded the firmware), powered the TV off after the firmware update process completed and proceeded to begin the installation process again for the evolution kit by first, unplugging the TV power cable, plugging in the USB flash drive with the latest evolution kit firmware on it, next install the evolution kit in the TV plug TV power cable back in and power on the TV. the TV detected the evolution kit and performed the initial installation, then it detected the newer firmware on the USB drive and proceeded to install it and rebooted itself and presto no more TV rebooting and nice new speedy processor, now Netflix and you tube load in flash.

  • What's the frequency, Kenneth? - Radical Approach Very Disappointing

    A strictly "by the numbers," formula-driven plot spoiled the ending, which was, nevertheless, difficult to predict by my calculations. The characterization was singularly type cast and the theme repetitive. You can safely skip this radical arctangent from scientific literature.

  • Aibo Li - Low price, best quality!

    The Lenovo monitor is so good! Very fashional looking with good LED-Lit Screen and most importantly it contains many kinds of cords, so you don't have to buy another.