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  • Elizabeth Clarke - Sadly Disapointing. Too many drop-outs.

    This thing does what it's supposed to about 90% of the time. Yeah, its' easy to program with an intuitive interface. Yes, it's sturdy and doesn't overheat. Yes, the Wifi is super solid and runs dual bands simultaneously. It's The Rolls Royce model for a Rolls Royce price-tag. That's the problem. If you spend over 200 bucks on a wifi router/modem combo you expect the the thing to work. About3 times a week it will drop internet or local network access (rarely both, oddly) for some or all of my devices. Nothing I seem to try will reconnect other than a hard reboot of the Motorola unit, which you cannot do from the interface. You have to unplug it,,,sometimes 2, 3, 4 times.

  • Antonia A. Acevedo - My son loves drinking pediasure

    This is something my son loves. Its pediasure he takes such a delight in drinking it. His been drinking prediasure for many years and it has help when he doesnt want to eat anything or not feeling well.

  • Linda Hamill - Jelmar CLR cleaner

    This is certainly a good product but it will not work for the K-Cup coffee pots ~ it has too much foam and the coffee pot just turns off ~ don't use it on that but on the other items, give it a try ~ I am not sure of my thoughts as of yet!

  • paulpanchula - simple soft toss machine

    i really like this machine. i wish these were avail when i was i must get this for my son. this is why you always hope for a baby boy ! ...actually would nt surprise me to see gals using this too. for those of you that think everything sucks......any other soft toss machine similar to this hundreds of dollars. lets help a good company and help em sell plenty of these ! HIGHEST SATISFACTION RATING.

  • Iconoclast - This is a good album but you are out of your mind if ...

    This is a good album but you are out of your mind if you're going to give this a five star rating. Cole's subject matter is a little too pedestrian for me e.g. mostly about girls, weed, money. This is a good album and worth buying but five stars should be reserve for the best albums of all time.

  • R. R. Newhan - Disappointed- Is this the real deal???

    Had heard good things about this product but I can't share the same thoughts. It comes out oily ( I have tried storing the tube uspside down, and kneading the tube but it doesnt help). I have found no difference at all in how long my eyeshadow lasts when using this product.

  • Katherine Owens - Light, Easy, and effective

    I bought this with a Too Faced eye shadow palette for my wedding make-up. I can definitely tell the difference between when I use the primer and when I do not. I use a little on my eyebrows, and it helps keep the powder to darken my eyebrows from smearing or wearing down. I will say that if you have a long day, or if your face is really oily, the effects of the primer won't last as long. If I am working for 12 hours, I notice that there is a minor eyeshadow crease that forms. Overall, the quality is amazing and it definitely helps enhance my make-up application.