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  • Theresa L. Oss - Swedish Product

    They sell this on Cruise Line Ships at much larger prices. Carnival is where it purchased mine. It does nothing.... everything has to be done as a WITH or you get no results. Don't expect miracles, nothing is a miracle when it comes to body fat and contouring.

  • J. Crippen - 2014 Photographers Market Guide - The Best Friend A Professional Photography Could Have

    I have the 2007 and 2008 edition of the Photographer's Market book and believe they're a great way for photographers to make potential connections with publishers in every avenue of photography. Realizing that my connections were a little out of date, I decided to buy the 2014 edition. This book is great! Not only did the list of publishers increase, the information on documentation and appropriate business practices has been updated as well. New to the 2014 edition (at least new to my 2008 edition) is information on the latest online business trends and marketing strategies. If I could only have one book on marketing photography, this would be the one. John Crippen

  • Charlotte A. Hu - Smooth Reading; Already Outdated in January 2013

    It's interesting to me that this text book appears already out of date. Even though it's a 2013 edition, it is referring to older Windows editions. Also in the section on Bits and Bytes, it describes the word tera as being associated with mainframes and supercomputers. I've been using terabyte external drives to store movies for years and I think a great many of my friends do as well. A simple search on shows 240 desktop computers with a terabyte of storage, several with 2 and one each for 3, 4, 5 and 6 terabytes of storage.