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  • Zeek - Makes the Car Look New

    In 02/2012 I bought this kit based on Consumer Reports tests and used it on a 2002 Lexus ES. The product lasted much longer than I anticipated and started showing wear about 1-1.5 years after I used it. I liked it so much I just bought another kit and used it again on the same car last night. The car looks new again. Couple tips based on my experience: 1) go easy with the 400 grit paper unless your lenses are really bad. . .it takes a lot more sanding with the lighter grits after to get those marks out, 2) use PLENTY of water to avoid deep scratching, I used a spray bottle like the video showed and it works good, 3) if you REDO lights again later, skip the 400 grit. I tried it both ways and the lenses come out clearer with less work if really work at them with the 1000/2000/compound, skipping the 400, 4) make sure you use plenty of the compound and keep it wet, it works better and don't be afraid to really work it in, 5) do this inside if possible and make sure you keep any dirt/dust/bugs away if possible until the clear coat sets up (no long).

  • Richard - Good with limitations

    I am a registered nurse who now must monitor my own blood pressure regularly. I appreciate the traditional BP cuff that connects to the inflation and monitoring unit. The accuracy is very good and it has the advantage of providing a record for diagnosis and medication management. The major limitation is the docking connection for the iPhone or iPad. The 30 pin connector is a standard length and may not work with iPhone and iPad cases. The 30 pin to Lightning adapter for my iPhone 5 worked well. I needed to purchase a 30 pin to 30 pin extended (Amazon for under $4) so that it would work with my wife's iPhone 4s in a case.

  • Heather - Great!

    It only took about 10 minutes of easy installation (and that's only because I can't quite reach my roof). All you have to do to assemble is pop the existing caps covering the screw holes off of the edge rails and screw the crossbars on. Super easy, I can't wait to haul stuff on my roof.

  • Dane - Good mental supplement

    Definitely feel a difference using this product. Could all be due to the placebo affect, but feel they have quality ingredients in the formula.

  • Matt Brand - Good, if not a little overboard.

    Decent software, it defeintly keeps the viruses out. However, it is very annoying when it flags things that are not viruses (which all Antiviruses do) such as Spotify, PowerDVD, etc.. and I have to add them as an exception. These are generally fixed in an update, however they get borked again within a few days.

  • Taurus Jude - Misleading imagery save your money

    I bought these for my husband on our wedding anniversary so can't return them but definitely would otherwise they are not worth it. The image shows a close fit and how they fit over part of the door sill this is not correct it gaps at the side by the drivers door. I rang Weathertech and there answer was ITS ONLY A REPRESENTATION well it's a false representation my hubby's car was a 2010 Lincoln MKS so not an older model. DON'T BUY U WILL B DISAPPOINTED

  • hcrowley00 - Never Stop This Series!

    First of all, if you haven't read Stygian and Tyrant then you need to stop. Go read those first before you look at a single review for Credo. Regardless if they are spoiler free or not, you will be lost. You will not fully understand the relationship between Waleron & Delara.