Veterinarian in Springfield Mo- Hometown Veterinary Hospital - As a Springfield Animal Hospital, we offer a full range of services, including labs, surgery, dental and vaccines and boarding for dogs and cats in Southwest Missouri.

  • Pet Months-Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield MO - Each month our Springfield, MO veterinarians focus on different aspects of pet ownership and care with helpful articles.
  • Heartworm Prevention -Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield MO - Our veterinary clinic, Springfield, MO, can test your pets for this sometimes fatal disease.
  • Lyme Disease - Hometown Veterinary Hospital- Springfield, MO - Dogs and cats contract Lyme Disease from ticks. Visit our Hometown Springfield Veterinarian for help.
  • Pet Anxiety Advice --Hometown Veterinary Hospital - Springfield, MO - Loud noises trigger anxiety in some dogs. Our local veterinarians Springfield MO can help you and your dog with this problem.
  • Overweight Dogs - Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield, MO - Fat dogs suffer health issues.Our Springfield Veterinary hospital can help your dog maintain a healthy weight.
  • Pet Cancer Awareness-Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield, MO - Know the signs of cancer in dogs or cats. Specialists at our Springfield veterinary hospital can show you the signs.
  • Pet Dental Health- Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield, MO - We are Springfield veterinarians who care about your pets' dental health.Call us today for the sweetest dog breath in town!
  • About Dr. Kara Amstutz and Hometown Vet - Springfield, MO - See Dr Kara Amstutz and our veterinarians Springfield,MO for complete medical care: includes dog neuter and dog spay, cat neuter, cat surgery, dog surgery.
  • Pet Services - Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield, MO - Let us be your veterinarian in Springfield, MO. for cat neuter, spay, surgery, teeth cleaning, vaccinations, and dog neuter, spay, surgery, teeth cleaning, vaccinations.
  • Pet Wellness - Hometown Veterinary Hospital- Springfield MO - Our animal care center in Springfield, MO cares for well pets and sick pets. Call for an appointment: (417) 883-7297
  • Autumn Health Risks-Dogs-Hometown Veterinary Hospital- Springfield MO - The Springfield veterinarians at Hometown Veterinary Hospital share Autumn Health Risks for Dogs. Our Springfield Animal Clinic often sees sick dogs in fall.
  • Labs and Diagnostics- Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield MO - At our Springfield Animal Clinic we diagnose pets: physical exams, lab tests, digital radiographs.Call for an appointment: (417) 883-7297
  • Pet Surgery-Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield MO - Our Springfield veterinary performs pet surgery for dogs and cats. Call to make an appointment.
  • Pet Dental Health - Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield MO - Your dog or cat's teeth tell a lot about his general health;come to our Springfield, MO animal care center for the best pet dental care.
  • Senior Pet Health - Hometown Veterinary Hospital - Springfield MO - Senior dogs and cats have special needs and health issues of aging; we provide senior pet care for Springfield, MO.
  • Pet Pain Management - Hometown Veterinary Hospital -Springfield MO - Our veterinarians, Springfield MO help manage pet pain with medications and diet.
  • Dog Itchy Skin- Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield MO - Your dog or cat has itchy skin? Our Springfield vet center can help you identify cause and cure of itching.
  • Specialties- Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield, MO - We offer a complete menu of pet care options at our Springfield vet location.
  • Common Pet Questions -Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield, MO - These are some of the most common questions clients ask when visiting our Springfield vet clinic.
  • Hometown Veterinary Hospital - Pet Has Itchy Ears? - What seems like ear mites might be an infection. Let Springfield vet Kara Amstutz help your pet feel better fast.
  • Hometown Veterinary Hospital - Pet Has Ear MItes? - Maybe it's ear mites or maybe it's an an infection. Let us do a thorough ear exam to be sure.
  • Hometown Veterinary Hospital - Ticks and Fleas - Ticks and Fleas are a nasty problem all year round; our Springfield vet center can help your pet with medications.
  • Tick Paralysis-Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield, MO - Tick paralysis is a nasty and unnecessary problem in dogs. Our pet doctors hospital in Springfield Mo can help your pet avoid ticks or help him heal .
  • Tick Prevention-Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield, MO - Don't wait for spring ! Our Springfield veterinary clinic can help you start medicating your dog now to avoid ticks and their diseases.
  • Prevent Fleas - Hometown Veterinary Hospital, Springfield, MO - Hometown Veterinary Hospital offers Springfield animal hospital clients advice on preventing and ending flea infestations.
  • Anal Gland Problems-Hometown Veterinary Hospital-Springfield, MO - If your dog is dragging his bottom along the carpet, our animal care center can help him feel better fast.
  • Diagnosing Lumps on Your Dog - Hometown Veterinary Hospital - Our Springfield Veterinary Clinic specialists can diagnose lumps and bumps on your dog and get him healthy and comfortable again.

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