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  • SoCalAvAZ - Loved it from the first page

    I was referred to this book by several writer friends. I'm not a writer myself but I take interest in proper grammar and use of the English language. I decided to get the kindle edition so I could reference the book whenever I wanted. There are two kindle editions and I opted for this one since it's the updated 2011 edition.

  • Chad Clough - A lot of issues but it's the best tool I've used so far

    I used to play the guitar a few years back and recently picked it back up again when I heard about this game. I knew a handful of chords, scales, and riffs but there were few songs I knew how to fully play. I previously tried to learn using books, videos, and online tablature. Rocksmith makes it easy to play along with songs and provide feedback on how you're doing. I'd honestly give this game 3 stars for all the issues it has but it's highlights overshadow a lot of the issues.

  • Guy with Beard - First in New Series

    A young girl is the only person to escape the raid on her underground home. Alone and lost on the surface for the first time in her life, she falls into a desperate plan. Pretending to be a boy, she takes refuge in the Legion headquarters, the very group that raided her home.

  • Jeffrey K. Friesen - Intuit. Platform parity is a must.

    Without platform parity where you can work on it across platforms without problems, where you can export to the windows file version for your accountant, then this program is and always be a non starter.

  • P. Clark - Easy Leveling

    This device is amazing. It takes all of the stress out of having to level our RV when we pull into a camping site.

  • Melissia Lenox - without hesitation, the best compilations of authors & stories

    This and other similarly named titles/series contain the best collections of writing in their genres. I have never been disappointed at the selection, number, or variety of authors or stories. Hours upon hours of reading enjoyment. Introduction to a vast number of newbie authors or authors that I have not read before or of whose work I was previously unaware. My highest recommedation to you.

  • David P. Mays - I have always had a copy of Street Atlas from the beginnings of Delorme.

    I think I bought their first map and have purchased them ever since. Lately, over the last 5 years, I have tried four other gps products and none work as well as this. The Plus gives phone numbers and address for those who have land lines. It really helps finding places. You can put in an address, name or phone number and find where you are going. That is nice. There are tons of options and configuration parameters yet it works very well straight out of the box. Laptop computers are getting cheaper and more functional, mounts are available for trucks and cars. It just seems to work better than the dash units.