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  • Bob James - A Great Live Band!

    This band has it all: great musical chops, and perhaps the finest female vocalist going in this genre of band today. Lzzy sounds like a reincarnation of Janis Joplin crossed with the still VERY alive Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde, while still easily carving out her own territory. The band, too has amazing skills for such a relatively young group, and the songwriting is top notch. A great cd/dvd set at a great price from this seller...........

  • Eric - Cute - perhaps not the best idea for a a 7 year old.

    Kind of a goofy thing - I got this for an honest review and thought it would be fun for my kid to pop bubbles as we talked about the days of the year/month.

  • W. M. Scarborough - Worked for a while...

    I drive a 2000 Toyota 4Runner V-6 and have a little over 160K miles on it. Several months ago I noticed a little oil on the garage floor. My mechanic determined that the valve cover gaskets were leaking and quoted me $600 to replace them. I have used Lucas Oil Stop Leak with the last two oil changes and the leaking has stopped. The leak was very minor, so I'm sure the gaskets had hardened with age and the Stop Leak softened them so they would seal. I guess I'll have to have them replaced sooner or later, but for now Lucas has allowed me to defer a $600 repair bill.

  • Tim Edwards - Another excellent episode featuring Virgil Flowers

    Another excellent episode featuring Virgil Flowers. I always look forward to the Flowers and Davenport series releases. A good solid read with moments of suspense.