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  • Steve - Elegant Looking Router System

    This elegant looking router system is definitely a piece of tech you don’t need to hide above the ceiling tiles in the basement. I placed my router component on a glass wall shelf in the downstairs family room. It is nearly dead center of our home’s lower level. The satellite component is centrally located on the main floor of the home sitting on the desk in the foyer. It looks very nice sitting there next to some porcelain figurines, almost like a piece of art itself.


    I don't know what I'm changing, to, but I am almost in tears with how much trouble this product is. I recently had to purchase a new computer and am therefore stuck with Windows 8.1. Today I discovered that certain aspects of my older version of Quickbooks don't work with Windows 8. Surprise surprise. Because I have spent my ENTIRE DAY now trying to upgrade to 2014, I actually have no time to write this, but I consider it very important to try to warn all possible not to purchase this product or any other from Intuit.

  • J. Coderre - Honest to goodness, it truly kills fleas fast!

    A few days before we went on vacation, I'd applied Frontline to all the cats. One cat especially likes to sleep in my son's room, and he probably spent a night or two in there before I closed up all the upstairs bedrooms and left town for two weeks. Fleas must've fled from the cat into the carpet and laid eggs. Lots and lots of eggs. When we returned, his room was completely infested. Like, dozens of fleas attacked my legs the moment I walked in. Fortunately, the guest room was not affected, so my son spent a couple of nights in there. But I was completely freaking out about the fleas in his room.

  • MadHatter - Don't Be Late on the Luvvie Train

    I've only been a member of Luvvie's online crowd for about two years, but it has been an awesome ride so far. This book is everything you need to read to get your life in order. Candid and hilarious with truths that need to be spoken, Luvvie holds nothing back in this book. She stays true to form here on paper the way she does on the interwebs, and reading this book feels as real as a coffee shop conversation with her. Keep writing Luvvie! We love you!

  • Jennifer L. - I really like sparkling water

    This coozie is a MUST for can drinkers! I really like sparkling water, such as La Croix, and soda, but hate when they get warm and then flat during summer days or at the office. This coozie allows me to drink my cans all day if needed. Though I will admit, I end up finishing my drinks within 3 hours because they stay cold and are more refreshing because of it. I almost purchased a similar, but much for expensive brand, and am very glad I went with this product because it works great.