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  • Carpe Diem - Well-referenced report on the deterioration of blue collar white American neighborhoods and culture over 50 years

    This is a fascinating report on the changes in white American society over the last few decades. Murray depicts two groups, the well-off, well-educated white Americans he refers to as living in "Belmont," and the less well-educated and less affluent "Fishtown" residents. He ruthlessly cites statistic after statistic, with careful qualifications on the various studies' limitations, indicating Fishtown residents are becoming more dependent on government benefits, have more broken families, more out of wedlock pregnancies, and less work ethic (especially the men), while Belmont families did well and continue to do well. His descriptions of the deterioration of Fishtowners are are detailed and interesting, though towards the end of the book, he does not provide many suggestions on how to improve things, how to get back to America's original values and ethics (though the implication is we should, he does not specifically come out and say so)

  • Patty Mekus - Publisher 2010

    I have used Publisher 2010 at past jobs and was glad to be able to purchase it to work with at my new job. It is so easy to use and produces quality pieces.

  • Evan S. - Disposable sockets!

    I thought I would beat the system and stop buying single sockets as I find new size bolts in my car. I got this set and had one halfway strip out on the very first use. The only reason I'm not returning it is because the connections held so poorly the 10 mm fell off into an engine at the scrap yard. If you need something with a lot of sizes for some short-term work, go for it. If you're planning to use them more than once, go elsewhere.