Pennsylvania Bilingual Nutrition Assessments and Healthy Lifestyles | Ilse Valle-Jones - Ilse Valle-Jones is a bilingual nutritionist in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. She can be your guide in designing healthy eating plans to lose weight.

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  • Asesoría en Nutrición Bilingüe | Ilse Valle Jones - Ilse Valle es una nutrióloga que puede diseñarte un programa para bajar de peso y aprender a comer de manera saludable. Hay dietas para todos los gustos…

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  • Mandy - Nothing heels me like you do

    My husband's heels crack like chapped lips on Everest. After much sweat and chiseling I got them to a less painful dry Mojave state and demanded he begin using this daily because my upper body began to resemble a bro that skips leg day. It has helped tremendously. Except when he forgets to use it.

  • MPatrie - Adventure Mystery Gender Division and Romance

    Amazing adventure of deceit, mystery, gender division and sparks of romance. Bella Forrest has outdone herself in this amazing novel full of twists and turns, lies and surprising loyalties. This is her first "non shade" novel I've read. As a loyal ShadeAddict (if you haven't read the Shade series... What are you waiting for? Start them right after reading this book) I feel almost guilty for saying Gender Games far surpasses anything I've read from Bella Forrest to date. I've already preordered The Gender Secret (the second book in this series) and can't wait for it's release in November to find out what happened to Violet's brother, cross my fingers for another steamy reunion with Viggo, and perhaps find out how Ms Dale knew exactly what to train Violet for....

  • Amazon Customer - Wonderful way to charge all your devices at the same time!

    I used this on a recent trip, knowing that hotel rooms don't always have a lot of extra outlets. It was wonderful and I was able to have enough to charge my phone, tablet and my friend's phones, too! It worked GREAT!