Imaging Specialists Of Glendale | Experience The Difference - Imaging Specialists Of Glendale provides diagnostic radiological imaging that include CT Scans, Fluoroscopy, MRI, Ultrasounds, Digital X-Rays and board-certified radiologists.

  • Radiologists | Board-Certified | Imaging Specialists Of Glendale - Our board-certified radiologists with sub-specialty training have the experience, dedication and compassion to provide truly exceptional health care services.
  • Schedule An Appointment | Diagnostic Radiological Imaging - Schedule an appointment with Diagnostic Radiological Imaging for all your radiology needs. We’re available whenever you are: morning, afternoon, evening and even the weekends.
  • For Patients | Imaging Specialists Of Glendale - Delivering compassionate care and services to patients that includes CT Scan, MRI, PET/CT, ultrasound, x-rays, mammography, digital x-rays and fluoroscopy.
  • Insurance | Radiology Costs | Imaging Specialists Of Glendale - We participate in most insurance plans to help with cost. We accept many indemnity insurance plans, Medicare, workers’ compensation and personal injury lien.
  • Exam Preparation | Imaging Specialists Of Glendale - Imaging Specialists Of Glendale offers board-certified radiologists. Exam preparations for breast imaging, MRI, CT Scans, digital x-rays, mammograms, and fluoroscopy.
  • For Providers | Imaging Specialists of Glendale - Our state-of-the-art facility and center in Glendale are committed to working with providers and referring physicians to ensure patient’s exam results are accurate and delivered promptly.
  • Radiology Services And Procedures | Imaging Specialists Of Glendale - Our board-certified radiologists provides diagnostic imaging services and procedures in Glendale. This include CT scans, fluoroscopy, mammograms, MRI, ultrasounds, digital x-rays and more.
  • MRI Scan | Open MRI | Magnetic Resonance Imaging - We offer the best MRI Centers in Glendale. Services include MRI Scan, Open MRI, MRI's for back, head and neck. Save on MRI cost and prices.
  • CT | Cat Scan | Computerized Tomography Scan - We offer CT Scan or computerized tomography scans for heart, virtual colonoscopy, full body, lung scan and more. Imaging Specialists Of Glendale offers board-certified radiologists.
  • Digital X-Ray | Imaging Specialists Of Glendale - We offer digital x-rays, x-rays, bone x-rays, digital imaging radiography and more. Highly skilled, board-certified radiologists serving Glendale and surroundings.
  • Fluoroscopy | Imaging Specialists Of Glendale - Fluoroscopy uses continuous low-dose X-ray beams to produce images of organs and bones in real-time. Our radiologists are trained for fluoroscopy procedures.
  • Ultrasound | 3D Ultrasound | Imaging Specialists Of Glendale - Imaging Specialists Of Glendale offers state-of-the-art ultrasound center with board-certified radiologists. Services include ultrasound guided biopsies, pregnancy, gender and more.

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