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  • Kevin M. - Nothing but disappointment

    I have a five year old Shih-tzu who has had some problems with red gums and terrible breath, despite the fact that I feed him good dog food with no corn or other unwanted additives. After seeing a video advertisement on this product at a local pet store, I decided to give this product a shot. I used the product for over a month. According to the product information, I should have seen tremendous improvements within a month. Needless to say, I not only saw no improvements, but my dogs condition got worse. After using this product my dog not only had no improvement with his bad breath, but his teeth became even more agitated from the treatment and it hurt him to chew. I have stopped the treatment and he seems to have less pain now. I have had his teeth cleaned again, and I am still looking for a product that will actually work. I can deal with his breath, but I worry but the health of is teeth and gums. It is a shame that so many products claim to work and seldom do. I advise anyone looking for a helpful product to look elsewhere. Tropiclean fresh breath is terrible. :(

  • Mark W. Miller - A variety of topics covering all aspects of the game ...

    A variety of topics covering all aspects of the game and sport, presented in a readable format, makes for an enjoyable read.

  • Chuck - This $ hungry beast will battle

    We've been using the older model since 2008. We've been through numerous domes, so buy the expensive dome early (2 years so far, no cracks). We replaced the convection head once, the old one works but was buzzing and stinky from splatter. The plastic under tray is brown from grease, make sure you dump the water out of it after each use. The metal grease tray and cooking racks have held up well over the years, and you will defiently need metal scrubbies and some elbow grease to clean em - defiently the worse part of cleaning nuwave. Over many years the start button and reset button on top need a magic touch to work but we have mastered it. By far this is the absolute last item we wash during dishes, I'm happy knowing the greasy mess this thing makes is not in my arteries.

  • Joanie M - Erotic and emotional...highly recommended!

    Like the rest of the series, this book was amazing. Although this book can be read as a stand alone, I strongly recommend reading the entire series in order. All the books are awesome and provide details and familiarity that add to the story. The setting was the same as many of the previous books; Mullardoch Manor in the days leading up to and including Declan and Zoey's wedding. Nothing in this book felt repetitious however, as we're seeing familiar events though new eyes; this book focused on Declan's cousin Veronica and his good friend, the famous actor Hunter Clarke. Unbeknownst to Declan, his friend and his cousin have a past, and each of them were ignorant of the other's association with Declan, so they are both shocked when they see the other at the manor. Both feel that they were hurt by the other, but Hunter and Roni still have a chemistry that creates electricity, and sparks fly whenever they get together. Roni has a big secret and tries to avoid Hunter, but he won't allow it. The author writes extraordinary erotic scenes that are extremely hot and there are many throughout the book. The well-deserved punishment scenes are equally well written. Their story is both heartbreaking and touching, but Roni and Hunter have to find their way past their hurts and pride and into each other's arms for good. When Hunter finds out Roni's secret, however, the plot takes a sharp turn. Read the book to find out what happens in the heart warming conclusion to this compelling story.

  • Cece - OH EM GEE

    I feel like every woman should have this amazing product in their life. No more fear of stinking up the office when you have to go after that large cup of coffee. If a guy is reading this, please disregard, you all know that women do not poop. It's okay.

  • Javier Ruiz - Good bag. But it could be better

    I really wanted to love this bag. I have been looking for a bag that fits my needs for a long time. It has to be medium-sized, be wide enough that you can carry more than just a small laptop and an iPad or Kindle inside it, and have TONS of pockets. It also has to be good-looking, sturdy, durable, and easy to use as my daily work bag. It also has to be waterproof on the outside, and easy to clean. Sadly,this one did not quite live up to my expectations.