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  • D. Tibbetts - Didn't like this book.

    Did not like this book. I've read many of Lis Wiehl's books, because I like Christian fiction, and I've enjoyed them, but this book missed the mark in my opinion. Ridiculous scenerios. No hint of Christian faith. Description of Mosques shining in the sun, giving honor to Allah.

  • Kindle Customer - helps me sleep

    I've been taking calm for a couple of years now, and it DOES help me sleep. I've finally got my "formula" figured out, if this helps anyone. First I start taking basic Calm and splitting the dose between morning and night, but not any particular time as in before dinner, after breakfast,etc,. After a while I switched to the one that adds in calcium and potassium because of all the talk about people not getting enough calcium. Well, after a while on that, I started getting constipated because I go towards that side anyway. The basic calm had really helped that problem. Then I read that you should take magnesium about an hour before you go to bed to help you sleep which is another problem I have. So now I have gone back to basic Calm (magnesium only) and I take half of it in the morning and half about an hour before I go to bed. This takes care of the constipation and the sleep. ps, if you have a lot of anxiety about something before you go to bed, that's a whole different ball game. Some days are just more stressful.

  • John Jakubowski - Solid Resource for C# Coding

    This book provides really good coverage of an extensive list of topics related to .NET development. With each successive version the Microsoft .NET Framework and the C# language grow in size and complexity allowing for increasingly numerous options to programming needs.

  • San Antonio - NOT BLUE INK

    I rarely write bad reviews because Amazon is usually amazing. But I have ordered and returned this item two times and it keeps coming back with BLACK ink - it is supposed to be BLUE ink. Now, I've returned it again, and the replacement just never showed up. Very disappointing. The pen itself is absolutely beautiful -- I just needed blue ink, and since that's what it said it was, that's why I'm rating it so low. :(

  • R. Harris - Outstanding Speed but not a complete product - yet!

    Get the Orbi, it works very nicely. I gave 4 of 5 stars only because it's still in beta and features such as guest network passwords are not yet available and the USB 2.0 port is not operational. I had an Apple Airport Extreme and also an Airport Express, used as an extender, and as I move further away from either router, the speed and signal quality plunged. The Orbi provides a much faster wifi speed (160-180 mps vs. 10-50 maps) and floods my two story house with a very strong signal. i do notice that since the units are one the first floor that second floor distance spaces are slower but still much better than Apple routers, which I loved until Orbi. Netgear, plus update the software soon so the other features work!

  • Ryan C. Bates - Thank you protein Gods

    Do yourself a favor and get these. The Cinnamon Roll flavor is incredible. After the first bite I was tempted to go heat it up in the microwave to recreate a Cinnabon experience. I'm anxious to try the other flavors as well but if you want one to start with, go with Frosted Cinnamon Roll.

  • Jack - Worked fantastic!

    Started losing my hair around the top of my head a few months back, which worried me as I'm only aged around my late twenties! So i thought i must act fast before I'm to late, searched the market and ended up purchasing "Exalt", seemed like a very fast acting treatment, and came with a 30 day back guarantee which definitely swayed me into my decision. Once the item arrived I immediately applied it, and within a few weeks my hair was coming back! I was so relieved. I still kept applying the treatment after the initial hair growth, which i think helped make my hair more thicker and luscious. Would recommend!