Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Utah | Journey Healing Centers - Within a serene, reflective environment, Journey Healing Centers offers a uniquely progressive holistic drug and alcohol rehab. Start your journey today.

  • https://www.journeycenters.com/treatment-programs/ Treatment Programs | Addiction Treatment Center in Utah - Journey blends the best of traditional and holistic therapy at its three treatment programs: drug and alcohol rehab, dual diagnosis and holistic rehab.
  • https://www.journeycenters.com/treatment-for-drug-abuse/ Treatment for Drug Abuse | Salt Lake City Drug Rehab Center - Journey offers evidence-based treatment for addiction to street and recreational drugs, including heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana and inhalants.
  • https://www.journeycenters.com/treatment-programs/dual-diagnosis-treatment/ Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs | Journey Healing Centers - Journey Healing Centers provides specialized assessment, diagnosis and treatment for even the most complex dual diagnosis disorders.
  • https://www.journeycenters.com/therapies/ Addiction Treatment Therapies - Customized Therapies - Our clinical team works with each client to develop a customized program that includes individual and group therapy as well as other innovative strategies.
  • https://www.journeycenters.com/treatment-programs/holistic-rehab/cognitive-behavioral-therapy/ Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy | Addiction Recovery - Our therapists are highly skilled in using CBT to help clients develop a better understanding of how self-defeating thoughts contribute to drug use.
  • https://www.journeycenters.com/treatment-programs/holistic-rehab/dialectical-behavior-therapy/ Dialectical Behavior Therapy Techniques | Journey Healing Centers - To treat addiction & underlying causes, Journey’s multidisciplinary team employs dialectical behavior therapy techniques. Start the healing process today.
  • https://www.journeycenters.com/treatment-programs/holistic-rehab/naturopathic-medicine/ Naturopathic Medicine | - Journey is among a select group of addiction treatment centers that fully integrates complementary naturopathic medicine into its treatment program.
  • https://www.journeycenters.com/treatment-programs/holistic-rehab/four-agreements/ The Four Agreements | Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery - Journey offers a strong philosophical framework for lasting recovery based on The Four Agreements, which includes traditional psychotherapy, 12-Step strategies and holistic therapies.
  • https://www.journeycenters.com/treatment-programs/holistic-rehab/art-therapy/ Art Therapy | Addiction Recovery in Salt Lake City - Journey’s therapists employ a combination of treatments to help clients develop a better understanding of both the cognitive and emotional components contributing to their addiction.
  • https://www.journeycenters.com/treatment-programs/holistic-rehab/self-help-support-groups/ Self-Help Support Groups | 12-Step Principles - We introduce clients to 12-Step principles but we also recognize that there are many effective paths to recovery and support our clients in finding theirs.
  • https://www.journeycenters.com/treatment-programs/holistic-rehab/ Holistic Rehabilitation Center for Addiction | Journey Healing Centers - Journey treats the mind, body & spirit using multidisciplinary therapy to treat substance abuse & mental health disorders. Start the healing process today.
  • https://www.journeycenters.com/treatment-programs/holistic-rehab/meditation/ Meditation in Addiction Recovery | Addiction Treatment - Because meditation is beneficial to physical and mental health, Journey offers several forms of guided meditation tought by our own therapists.
  • https://www.journeycenters.com/treatment-programs/holistic-rehab/yoga/ Yoga | Addiction Treatment in Salt Lake City - Journey’s treatment program incorporates a number of alternative therapies like yoga designed to help clients develop inner awareness and establish a healthier lifestyle
  • https://www.journeycenters.com/treatment-programs/holistic-rehab/massage-therapy/ Massage Therapy for Addiction Recovery - At Journey, massage therapy is one of many holistic therapies available to clients in recovery because it is a great way to relax, ease tension and release stress.
  • https://www.journeycenters.com/treatment-programs/holistic-rehab/sweat-lodge/ The Sweat Lodge | Addiction Treatment Center in Utah - Journey offers a traditional sweat lodge to clients who want to explore non-traditional, spiritual approaches to recovery.
  • https://www.journeycenters.com/about-addiction/ What is Addiction? | Substance Abuse Treatment in Utah - Effective treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction requires a multi-tiered, comprehensive plan administered in an outpatient setting or residential treatment center.
  • https://www.journeycenters.com/treatment-programs/addiction-treatment/signs-addiction/ Signs of Addiction | Addiction Treatment in Salt Lake City - How do you know when it’s time to get help? Here are some signs of addiction that indicate treatment is the best way to bring the light back into your life.
  • https://www.journeycenters.com/about-alcoholism/ About Alcoholism | Alcohol Rehab Center in Salt Lake City - If you or a loved one suffers from alcoholism, help is available. Journey offers programs and strategies that have been found effective in the treatment of alcoholism.
  • https://www.journeycenters.com/about-drug-abuse/ About Drug Abuse | Drug Rehab Center in Salt Lake City - If you suffer from drug addiction, help is available. Journey offers programs and strategies that have been found effective in the treatment of drug addiction.
  • https://www.journeycenters.com/treatment-programs/addiction-treatment/heroin-addiction/ Heroin Addiction | Heroin Rehab Center - Like all other mind-altering substances derived from the opium poppy, heroin’s effects include pain disruption and intense feelings of pleasure.
  • https://www.journeycenters.com/treatment-programs/addiction-treatment/cocaine-addiction/ Cocaine Addiction Treatment & Rehab Center | Journey Healing Centers - "Journey Healing Centers offers cocaine addiction treatment that will help you find your way to a healthy & productive life in sobriety. Choose recovery now."
  • https://www.journeycenters.com/treatment-programs/addiction-treatment/methamphetamine-addiction/ Methamphetamine Addiction | Drug Rehab Center in Utah - Methamphetamine triggers pleasure-producing changes inside the brain and speeds up nerve cell activity in both the brain and the spinal cord.
  • https://www.journeycenters.com/treatment-programs/addiction-treatment/marijuana-addiction/ Marijuana Addiction | Marijuana Rehab Center - Marijuana derives its impact from substances called cannabinoids, which change normal brain function and produce pleasure and other mind-altering effects.

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  • RedGale - It made my hair look worse.

    I have wavy/curly hair that gets frizzy and dry, so I wanted to try a leave-in conditioner. I was excited to try this product since it claimed to have so many benefits, but it leaves my hair heavy and dirty feeling. I doesn't feel any less frizzy or dry; instead, I think it looks more dull and unhealthy. The scent is okay, but it reminds me of a cheap hairspray scent, so nothing special there. All in all, I hate this product.

  • Karen Alicia Nava - Not a Close Trim

    This new version with a light compares nothing to the older model. The plastic nubs at either end of the trimmer head create a barrier to get closer. So when trimming eyebrows, etc. , it's awkward to have to angle it to trim in a straight line. The light didn't add anything in my opinion.

  • Ben H. - Works Great

    I used this product this past weekend in my pelvic area, which was the reasoning behind me purchasing this product. I have somewhat sensitive skin in that area as do most people. From the other reviews some people said it smelt bad and others said there wasn't a bad smell. There is a small odor but nothing to freak out about to where you need to be burning a candle. You must apply it pretty good or it will leave hair behind. While the product was working there was somewhat of a cooling sensation, not a burning one like the nair for women. After I did a small test area I jumped in and covered everything, I mean everything. Then later that night I surprised the lady and she was really excited. The fact this product doesn't burn makes me want to use it in other places. You must follow the instructions, 8 minutes is a long time so take your phone in there to keep your self busy.