JuJu Reusable Menstrual Cup - Made in Australia - JuJu Reusable Menstrual Cup replaces tampons and pads. Made from medical grade-silicone in Australia, JuJu is hypoallergenic, convenient and better for the environment. Make the switch today. Buy online!

  • http://www.juju.com.au/pages/Benefits.html Health Benefits of Menstrual Cups: Hypoallergenic, Chemical-Free, Latex-Free, Environmentally Friendly, Economical Feminine Hygiene Products - JuJu - The health benefits of menstrual cups: they are an organic, hypoallergenic, perfume-free, chemical-free feminine hygiene product for better vaginal health. It's the best alternative to tampons and pads, a green product that saves you money!
  • http://www.juju.com.au/pages/User-Guide.html How to Use a JuJu Cup: How to Insert, Remove, Clean, Sterilize and Care for a Menstrual Cup - JuJu - JuJu is an Environmentally Friendly Sanitary Product Worn Internally to Collect Menstrual Flow. Cups are Comfortable and Reliable. Switch from Disposable Tampons and Pads to JuJu Today!
  • http://www.juju.com.au/sizes/ Menstrual Cup Models: Choose a Menstrual Cup Size Based on Age and Childbearing History - JuJu - JuJu is a convenient discreet innovative revolutionary product that can be worn by women of all ages. Available in 2 cup sizes or model based on age, children and pelvic floor tone.
  • http://www.juju.com.au/safety/ JuJu Safety Information: Medical Grade Silicone Cup, Latex-Free, Toxin Free, No Dyes, Colours, or Perfumes. TGA Approved - JuJu - Australian Made Menstrual Cup: TGA Approved! Comfortable, Safe, Latex-Free Medical Grade Silicone Menstrual Cup. JuJu is the only Australian Made Menstrual Cup - JuJu
  • http://www.juju.com.au/faqs/ Menstrual Cup Tips: Helpful Information on Comfort, Leaking, TSS, IUDs, Exercise, Virginity, Trimming the Stem - JuJu FAQs - Questions on emptying, public toilets, trimming the stem, leaking heavy periods, virginity, folds, exercise, coloured cups, toxic shock syndrome and more! Great for heavy bleeders, hikers, swimmers, backpackers, travelers and active women.
  • http://www.juju.com.au/products/JuJu-Menstrual-Cup.html Buy JuJu Menstrual Cup online | Australia Wide Shipping - JuJu menstrual cup for women looking for a safe reusable green alternative to tampons and sanitary pads. Buy online. Fast delivery. Delivery to regional Australia, Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Perth Adelaide.

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