Breastfeeding Education and Support - - Find breastfeeding education and support. Learn the latest nursing and lactation news and techniques.

  • Essential Oils to Use While Breastfeeding - Essential oils, when used properly can greatly enhance the breastfeeding and overall postpartum experience. So, give it a try! Integrate these powerful little drops into your life today.
  • Come Hear Danielle Gauss, IBCLC Speak- 2016 Speaking Schedule -     Danielle Gauss, IBCLC 2016 Speaking Schedule April 5, 2016 ¬† Tustin, CA "Getting Back To Basics"   June 10, 2016 -htt
  • Homeopathic Treatment of Plugged Ducts and Mastitis - Dr. Melinda Fischer providing alternative therapy and Homeopathic treatments for chronic plugged ducts and mastitis in breastfeeding mothers.
  • When your Breastfed Baby WON'T Take A Bottle - 7 Tips to help the breastfed baby learn to take a bottle without stress, when baby refuses to take a bottle.
  • Breast friendly way to Bottle Feed the Breastfeeding Baby - - Below are some simple steps to take to help the mother, her partner, and infant care persons provide the appropriate instruction for evaluating how to bottle feed the breastfed baby.
  • Danger of drinking Kombucha Tea while Breastfeeding - The effects of drinking Kombucha tea while breastfeeding can be dangerous, even fatal; leading to toxicity, severe dehydration, and acidosis.

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  • Ron Ramseur - Think Twice Before You Download - Chances are it won't run on Windows 8

    If you have windows 8, I would not purchase this product. Chances are it won't work properly. I installed it on 2 different windows 8.1 machines and ensured Net Framework was installed, still no go. Also I searched high and low online and NOLO website but didn't find much help in how to get it to work. Luckily Amazon refunded me my money. Thank goodness I didn't have any prior returns..

  • Amazon Customer - This foam is the best - and this price can NOT be beat

    I've been using for about 6 months. Noticing some minor improvements. I've used the liquid and this foam and I absolutely prefer the foam. It is easier to control and doesn't leave your hair greasy like I think the liquid does. Although the liquid may be better if you have thick hair and you have trouble getting the foam to your scalp.