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  • AmazonBuyer - Error Code LS1

    I bought this over cheaper treadmills thinking I would be getting a higher quality machine. This thing is big, and even folded up it takes up a significant amount of space, but that's okay because it is very solid. I used it once before going on vacation. When I returned and went to power it up I got the dreaded LS1 error code and it never worked again. I tried repositioning the sensor and running it through the checks that the manual suggests. Nothing worked. Luckily Amazon customer service is awesome so I just returned this hunk of junk instead of trying to go through the process of getting replacement parts from the manufacturer and repairing it myself.

  • JiLL - really enjoying it...

    from someone who suffers from carpal tunnel... I'm always very concerned about having good wrist support. I bought this mouse pad because I have been working out in the field, when my normal desktops are all equipped already, So this support has been great for me to pack with my laptop and be on the road... definitely won't travel anywhere without it. It is very comfortable and I am really enjoying it. Has a bit of a smell when it first arrives, but it goes away quickly...

  • Amazon Customer - 100% authentic, half the price!

    I purchased the Ray-Ban 58mm RB3025 Aviators for $79 (Gold rim, brown gradient lense) . It was sold by Sunglass King and fulfilled by Amazon Prime. I was skeptical at first because all the brick and mortar stores were selling the exact same pair for $160, with only one location selling them for $150. Also, I noticed that despite overwhelmingly positive reviews, some were claiming to have received knock-offs and I know that this is a common complaint with some Amazon vendors (as well as Ebay). Despite this, I decided to give it a try knowing that if I wasn't satisfied, I could return it. I looked up every telltale sign I could on youtube and google regarding how to tell a fake vs the real thing. Everything checks out, from the nose pieces, to the cross bar, to the RB etching, to the case, cloth, logo, feet, etc. Couldn't be happier, this is a genuine made in Italy set of Aviators that is half what most retailers are charging. Side by side comparison with a Sunglass hut version was identical.

  • Teri Fladstol - PCOS

    This is a supplement we use for PCOS and it was unavailable for a little while so I found it on Amazon and got it within 2 days.

  • DIY Mom - My daughter absolutely loves the Just Dance games. She ...

    My daughter absolutely loves the Just Dance games. She will spend an hour or more dancing (yay exercise!) her little butt off in front of the tv. The more nun chucks and friends, the merrier. They all have a blast with the game.

  • Sarah - Slim and sassy

    This is a great oil! It helps with stomach aches, uplifting mood, and helps suppress appetite. Burns when it gets in your lips so careful! Once I became an independent distributer for Young Living Essential Oils, I no longer bought this from Amazon. I recreate it or similar with YLEOs.