California Karelians: Bear Dogs in action - Fun slideshows of Karelian Bear Dogs and puppies. See them in action in the great outdoors.

  • California Karelians: Frequently Asked Questions about the breed - Tips on outdoor safety, travel safety, and health care for Karelian Bear Dogs. Photos, slideshows and much more
  • California Karelians: About the Karelian Bear Dog Breed - Karelian Bear Dogs are a primitive breed known for large predator protection and hunting instincts.
  • California Karelians: Outdoor adventures with our dogs - Karelian Bear Dogs outdoors: on the hiking trail, performing agility, training for K9 search and rescue. Photos, slideshows.
  • California Karelians: Karelian Bear Dog kennel - Dedicated to the preservation of the Karelian Bear Dog as a unique and primitive breed. Photos, slideshows and much more
  • California Karelians: Ancient history of Karelian Bear Dog Breed - Karelian Bear Dogs are descendents of the spitz-type hunting dogs that lived 2000 years ago. Photos.
  • The science of heredity that "created" dogs - The role of science and selective breeding in the creation of domesticated dogs.
  • California Karelians: Life as a primitive hunting dog - What life was like for the first Karelian Bear Dogs who lived many years ago. Photos.
  • California Karelians: Prserving primitive dogs - How cultured breeds differ from primitive dogs, and why primitive dogs are valued today. Photos.

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