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  • Amazon Customer - Absolutely horrid customer support

    Received the Flex with a low battery level. Didn't think anything about it because of course it would charge. used it for 3 days and the batter was low. Tried to charge it using the included charger and my laptop overnight and nothing happened. Next morning I plugged it in to an AC charger I use to charge my cell phone. Nothing happened. Opened a ticket with Fitbit Support. No response. Sent a second, third and fourth email and still no response after 5 days. WTF? I could see if this was a $10 product but $100? Unacceptable.

  • Mike - Super Knockout Video Production!

    Wow is all I can say! If you don't have this recording and you like Joe Bonamassa you have got to get this. One of Joe's best yet. Fabulous sound reproduction and wonderful 1080p video. A wonderful and engaging production overall.

  • Rev. Kenny - worth every penny!

    This app keeps me on track. It helps keep me focused. Stop complaining about the ads and pay for it. If you are the digital Muslim, you need this.

  • Dr. K - I love Boots No7

    I'm a big fan of the entire Boots product line. I like to use the beauty serum in combination with moisturizer after washing my face in the morning. One bottle lasts a long time (around three months for me with daily use). There is no scent and it goes on smooth without feeling greasy. I don't know that it really improves the youthfulness of my skin but it feels great to apply and wear, plus I think it helps my makeup to last a little bit longer.

  • cool - avast is the best virus software

    I have avast virus about year,, so for my laptop run fast and haven't slow down,, also the best thing about this avast software it block virus and warning you,, a lot of feature for one it have it only internet option,, like u can use it with yahoo or google chrome a shield keep hacker getting your information RECOMMAND AVAST.

  • Debbie Harbolt - Thick, not very easy to apply without softening/thinning it somehow.

    Quite thick for trying to gently apply to soft under-eye skin but adding a drop or two of water helps. I won't be reordering this product.