Selegiline ( l-deprenyl ) - By the standards of posterity, we are little more than glue-sniffers. But selegiline is still a potentially life-enriching agent...

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  • Chazz Sundara - Could not get it to fit my 2015 GMC. ...

    Could not get it to fit my 2015 GMC. I end up sending it back and reorder the stubby for the 2014 model and it fitted perfectly.

  • BMcG - Does the trick.

    Doesn't fit perfectly on my Britax B-Ready but it fits! Good enough for me! A little pricey but worth it.

  • John W. Wagonis - Best to avoid this software and their Kindergarten support

    I have used NOF since 1999. Started with version 4.0. Used that for many years before buying a Win7 based computer and had to upgrade to version 12.0. It was prematurely released. It was not ready for Win7. After reading other reviews and e-mailing their tech support over a dozen times, I would be afraid to upgrade to ver. 13.0. I get the unstable file messages when I work in it for too long. If you just pop in and out to change a few things or add a new page, usually no error message. When the program does crash, for some reason it corrupts my sound card drivers. Yep, my computer loses sound. If I am not careful and re-write an old text block from ver. 4.0 and it happens to have 3 or more asterisks in a row in the text block, the program crashes. Quite consistent with this. It does not like 3 or more asterisks in a row. There are other characters that it does this to also. I have been searching for a new program to use, which means I most likely have to re-write about 300 pages, watch my URL's, and place a lot of 301 redirects in my .htaccess file. NOF offers a flat publishing structure, which would be chaotic for larger sites, or their folder style publishing which is excellent for organization. But it makes a URL look a little spammy due to the folder and the html page name repeating themselves in the same URL string. Little things I did not know about 10 to 15 years ago which are somewhat frowned upon by search engines today. I would not chance upgrading to ver. 13.0, it just sounds too risky.

  • Steven - Five Stars

    Its very appropriate size and the silver exterior makes it feels really sturdy and gives it a nice look.