Acupuncture Newport Beach | Traditional Chinese Medicine CA |Functional Medicine 92663 - Lee Acupuncture - Welcome to Lee Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine. We are a pain management clinic that offers a variety of services such as acupuncture .

  • Pain Management Clinic Newport Beach | Functional Medicine CA | Traditional Chinese Medicine 92663 - Lee Acupunture - Our pain management clinic is provides relief through our traditional Chinese medicine. We'll combine acupuncture and herbal remedies to help you.
  • Chronic Pain Newport Beach | Nerve Pain CA | Pain Management 92663 - Lee Acupuncture - If you suffer from chronic pain due to arthritis, or have other issues with nerve pain, we can help to relieve your aches at our pain management clinic.
  • Allergies Newport Beach | Allergy Treatment CA | Allergy Testing 92663 - Lee Acupuncture - Those that suffer from severe allergies can find themselves at a loss for how to treat them. With our allergy treatment, we can help to bring some relief.
  • Sleep Problems Newport Beach | Sleep Disorders CA | Insomnia 92663 - Lee Acupunture - Sleep problems and disorders can lead to many other issues so we do our best to treat these issues with our natural remedies and other treatment.
  • Detox Programs Newport Beach | Body Cleanse CA | Weight Loss Management 92663 - Lee Acupunture - Of the many services we offer, we also help with weight loss management through the use of detox programs and cleanses, and we're happy to help.
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy Newport Beach | Hormone Therapy CA | Hormone Imbalance 92663 - Lee Acupuncture - If menopause is getting increasingly difficult to cope with, we offer hormone therapy to help ease the woes of this time in your life. Call us today.
  • Thyroid Problems Newport Beach | Thyroid Treatment CA | Hormone Therapy 92663 - Lee Acupunture - If you think you suffer from thyroid problems it's important to get treatment that is effective and safe. We offer hormone therapy to help this issue.
  • Nerve Pain Newport Beach | Fibromyalgia CA | Fibromyalgia Treatment 92663 - Lee Acupunture - Those that suffer from fibromyalgia suffer from unending nerve pain. If you're in need of fibromyalgia treatment, contact us today for an evaluation.
  • Acupunture Newport Beach | Acupunture Benefits CA | Acupunture Treatment 92663 - Lee Acupunture - We support your oncology reports by supplementing your treatment with our acupuncture treatment. Contact us today for our acupuncture treatment.
  • Acupuncture Newport Beach | Acupuncture For Weight Loss CA | Acupuncturist 92663 - Lee Acupuncture - Our clinic is proud to embrace Chinese traditional medicine by practicing acupuncture. Let our acupuncturist help you manage your pain with our treatment.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Newport Beach | Chinese Herbs CA | Herbal Remedies 92663 - Lee Acupuncture - In addition to acupuncture, we use Chinese herbs as a part of our adherence to traditional Chinese medicine. We also offer teas.
  • Herbal Medicine Newport Beach | Functional Medicine CA | Natural Medicine 92663 - Lee Acupunture - Another treatment that we offer is functional medicine. We combine western style lab testing, with eastern style holistic treatment and natural medicine.
  • Moxibustion Newport Beach | Cupping Therapy CA | Cupping 92663 - Lee Acupunture - One option for pain management that we offer are non-needle alternatives in the form of Moxibustion. This cupping therapy can serve as back pain treatment.
  • Acupunture Newport Beach | Pain Management CA | Hormone Replacement Therapy 92663 - Lee Acupunture - If you have questions about acupuncture, or any other service that our pain management clinic has to offer, check out our FAQ page or contact us today.
  • Pain Management Clinic Newport Beach | Acupunturist CA | Hormone Therapy 92663 - Lee Acupuncture - Our pain management clinic offers different seminars and classes to help you learn more about acupuncture, and other traditional Chinese medicine.

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