Life After Hysterectomy Surgery - What Changes, Recovery Tips and More - Will life after hysterectomy be the same? What complications to expect? Join other women sharing how they cope with common side effects of this surgery.

  • What is hysterectomy? Why you need this surgery - Get to know what is hysterectomy. Learn more about this surgical procedure and if it will solve your problems? Depending on your condition your doctor will
  • Hysterectomy procedure - Investigate all available options - The hysterectomy procedure and the ways it can be performed. Abdominal hysterectomy, partial hysterectomy, laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy and the d
  • Stressed About Hysterectomy Risks? What Every Woman Must Know - Understanding the potential hysterectomy risks and complications will help you make better decisions and have a positive post surgery experience.
  • Hair Loss After Hysterectomy - Take 10 Minutes To Read The Facts - Thinning hair and bald spots are socially accepted for men but not for women.Here are a few important things to know about hair loss after hysterectomy.
  • Alternatives to Hysterectomy - Explore New Effective Treatment Options - Alternatives to hysterectomy should be explored and evaluated Hysterectomy is a major surgery and should not be considered as the first line of treatment.
  • 4 Effective Home Remedies for Overactive Bladder - Try these proven and effective home remedies for overactive bladder. Struggling with urine leakage after hysterectomy? Tired of rushing to the restroom?
  • Beat Depression after Hysterectomy - Managing Your Emotions - Are you trying to cope with symptoms of depression after hysterectomy? Our tips may help you feel less misserable and get you through this difficult period.
  • Surgical Menopause Symptoms - What to Expect? - Why do surgical menopause symptoms seem to be more severe? Why do they occur and what are the risks for a woman's health?
  • Sex after hysterectomy - 6 Things you ought to know - Sex after hysterectomy is a great concern for many women. Will sex feel different or will it hurt? Can women still have an orgasm?
  • Interesting Facts About Prolapse after Hysterectomy I Bet You Never Knew¬† - Prolapse after hysterectomy affects about ten percent of women who have their uterus removed. Common risk factors, smoking, being overweight and pelvic..
  • Pain After Hysterectomy - Tips To Identify Its Source - How much pain after hysterectomy can you expect? During the first days gas pain is common but when complications cause chronic pelvic or abdominal pain...
  • 4 Bladder Problems After Hysterectomy And What To Do About It - Unexpected bladder problems after hysterectomy like lack of bladder control, bladder spasms or pain and frequent bathroom visits are common side-effects
  • Post Hysterectomy Bleeding; Should You Be Worried? - Some post hysterectomy bleeding is common but can also be a sign of possible complications. How long can women expect to see some blood after the surgery?

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